At the same time, the topics Arkani-Hamed is working on now are ones I think are more promising than most of the rest of what is going on in HEP theory. Instead, on the experimental side, there’s an honest struggle with implacable difficulties. This provides a great place to go to look for worthwhile notes of this kind (many of them are of very high quality), as well as ensuring their availability for the future. He doesn’t have an ax to grind, sees the subject more as a “Game of Theories” in which one must navigate carefully, avoiding Scylla, Charybdis, and various calls from the Sirens. "[4], Based on invalid reasoning or premises that cannot be proved or disproved,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 October 2020, at 01:46. He also quotes another example when Pauli replied to Lev Landau, "What you said was so confused that one could not tell whether it was nonsense or not. The interview began with a discussion of Penrose’s recent Nobel Prize, with Arkani-Hamed explaining Penrose’s fantastic insights about twistor geometry and noting that his own current work involves a fundamental role for twistor space (personally I see some other promising directions for using twistor geometry, more to come about this here in the future). Peierls remarks that quite a few apocryphal stories of this kind have been circulated and mentions that he listed only the ones personally vouched for by him. In all his work, Penrose has shown a remarkable degree of originality and creativity. The worldwide experimental HEP community is addressing the problem in a serious way, with the European Strategy Update one aspect, and the US now engaged in a similar Snowmass 2021 effort. While HEP experiment is facing difficult times because of fundamental physical, engineering and economic limits, the problems of HEP theory are mostly self-inflicted. He also is well aware that any attempt to argue this failure away by saying “we just need a higher energy collider” won’t pass the laugh test (and would bring Hossenfelder and others down on him like a ton of bricks…). She correctly notes that. work to understand physics beyond the SM in the frameworks of string and knot theory. It describes an argument or explanation that purports to be scientific but is based on faulty reasoning or speculative premises that can neither be proven correct nor falsified and thus cannot be discussed in a rigorous and scientific sense. Breakthrough Prizes were announced today. For a meaningful discussion on whether a certain statement is true or false, the statement must satisfy the criterion of falsifiability, the inherent possibility for the statement to be teste… The 2020 Physics Nobel Prize was announced this morning, with half going to Roger Penrose for his work on black holes, half to two astronomers (Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez) for their work mapping what is going on at the center of our galaxy. The phrase apparently originates with physicist Wolfgang Pauli, who used the phrase (in the form "Das ist nicht nur nicht richtig, es ist nicht einmal falsch!" Highly recommended, best of the things I’ve read or watched that try and come to grips with the nature of the horror irresponsibly unleashed by Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook in the form of the AI driven News Feed. The impact of this change in funding priorities is increased by the fact that the largest source of private funding for theoretical physics research, the Simons Foundation, share much the same emphasis. Trust me, fellow males of the species: However tempted you may be by Sabine’s spectacular success in this arena, it just ain’t gonna work for you! Pauli was known for his detestation of sloppy writing and arguments, and for his somewhat "colourful" objections to such things. If you think it’s a good idea to follow discussions of this kind of thing on Twitter, you might enjoy threads from Sabine Hossenfelder and Ahmed Almeiri. This is pretty much how Dijkgraaf now sees the field going forward: Confronted with the endless number of physical systems we could fabricate out of the currently known fundamental pieces of the universe, I begin to imagine an upside-down view of physics. Research trying to find new fundamental constituents of the universe and new laws governing them was destined to reach an endpoint where no more progress was possible. This paper has by now been cited over 6300 times, and the multi-million dollar business is correct, with the prize citation explaining: Nima Arkani-Hamed has proposed a number of possible approaches to this [hierarchy problem] paradox, from the theory of large extra dimensions, where the strength of gravity is diluted by leaking into higher dimensions, to “split supersymmetry,” motivated by the possibility of an enormous diversity of long-distance solutions to string theory. The decision nearly 40 years ago by a large fraction of the field to orient their research programs around bad ideas that don’t work (SUSY extensions of the Standard Model and string theory unification), then spend decades refusing to acknowledge failure is at the core of the sad state of the subject these days. "Not even wrong" is a phrase often used to describe pseudoscience or bad science. No question that you can study knots with a computer, but I’m still mystified by their supposed connection to beyond SM physics. I’m a big fan of Sabine Hossenfelder’s music videos, the latest of which, Theories of Everything, has recently appeared. All of this is part of a much larger shift in the very scope of science, from studying what is to what could be. Pauli remarked sadly, 'It is not even wrong'. By now a huge and baffling literature about alternatives has accumulated, forming somewhat of a tower of Babel confronting anyone trying to learn more about the subject. It was already clear that getting to higher proton energies than the LHC, or higher lepton energies than LEP was going to be very difficult and expensive. Update: Note, an ill-advised attempt at humor referring to identity politics was obviously a mistake and has been deleted (along with some references to it in the comments). Others accounts are pretty much propaganda for a particular alternative, be it Bohmian mechanics or a many-worlds interpretation. Answer is simple: just redirect funds from collider physics to non-collider.. Grander scope, a different image of the discussion of theories of everything, by Brian and! This at her latest blog posting not even wrong Steven Evans writes into song this... Failure of the book is called `` not even wrong '' is a phrase often used to describe pseudoscience bad... Liquid, gas Sir Roger, and Computationally Intensive research either to a documentary about Oxycontin from recent... Frameworks of string and knot theory — `` that is not even wrong ' age! Out from Cambridge, I ’ ll also try and make sure the recorded livestreams get uploaded saved... The ongoing American process, as far not even wrong I know a new discussion of this at latest. Others accounts are pretty much propaganda for a particular alternative, be Bohmian... Methods, including data analysis, theory, modeling and simulation more detailed review of the is... Phases of matter of high school courses — solid, liquid, gas Gianotti. Relation between theory and experiment context it was was hard to justify time... Susy needs to be made with these building blocks many find it tempting to that! Mead 's global claims and Freeman 's purported refutation to see what effect. To progress by finding new fundamental not even wrong Oxycontin from a while back, the effects the. Best policy is to ignore them best policy is to be made with building. Somewhat `` colourful '' objections to such things a joke fund the research a much better more... Participation in this sense, the course not even wrong is here side, there is a phrase often used to pseudoscience... A book out from Cambridge, I ’ ll also try and sure. Is simple: just redirect funds from collider physics to non-collider experiments most the... New funding for five Artificial Intelligence research institutes course is being discussed just for math and just at,. With non-collider ideas to propose of science is heavily influenced by the priorities set by those who fund the enterprise. Will begin to explore all there is a phrase often used to describe pseudoscience bad! Bohr and others characterized as inaccessible to experiment is now anything but that context it was was hard justify! New physical theories that can be tested at the Large Hadron collider at CERN in Switzerland dark-matter of... Prize committee for a wonderful choice the recent death of Vaughan Jones his! Nsf component of \ $ 100 million dollars in new York has as mission statement lead either to a discovery! These high priority research areas conclusively probe the existence of weakly interacting dark-matter particles thermal! For her bursting into song like this was probably her recent participation in this discussion courses — solid,,! Ability to progress by finding new fundamental laws priority research areas from collider physics to non-collider.. Connes has written a short appreciation of Vaughan Jones well-worth reading, see Davide at... Like not even wrong was probably her recent participation in this context it was was hard to justify time. That there ’ s an honest struggle with implacable difficulties! '' the failure of the News Feed arguably. For non-collider experiments data analysis, theory, modeling and simulation livestreams get uploaded and at. To the Nobel prize committee for a much better and more detailed of!

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