The rele-vant code (even if we restrict ourselves to R) is growing quickly. /MediaBox [0 0 595 842] >> /Filter /FlateDecode ��_�l�t0��+�[l2 ��4^!��2 �l:���OT���6��� Jc��.�6��Q��ǹ+'ۂ�F�@��. endobj << >> Predictive Analytics Tools and Techniques 65 The scatter plot describes the possible relationship between RTY and rejections from each process. 3 0 obj ]�ߖ��. Indeed, it would be a challenge to provide a comprehensive guide to predictive analytics. %PDF-1.5 /F1 6 0 R >> >> PDF | On Jul 16, 2018, Vaibhav Kumar and others published Predictive Analytics: A Review of Trends and Techniques | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Predictive analytics The rise and value of predictive analytics in enterprise decision making “Give me a long enough lever and a place to stand, and I can move the Earth.” Archimedes, 250 B.C. '���*����4L��h�VJ'�`m+�d�����v��8�|�R�J=Y�Lm�D֯�+��7��sA�s}��5�(����F� �w�:��u|�������;z��S��^��������M�Ru�����]>��ȓ_j�?_�_M%��q"���B����?RaDa8�SxV�`̃�&��F�l�0����- t�. /Type /Page %���� In the past few years, predictive analytics has gone from an exotic technique practiced in just a few niches, to a competitive weapon with a rapidly expanding range of uses. << It can be observed that there is a negative correlation between RTY and rejections from the above graphs. x^�[_s�ק�S�7c1�p�M\��N�h���2%R�LѲ)����-����;��;u��ɘ!����Ї��]]|��Z(����(�����\u]��/���ES�y�����R����4ˇ�R���Bu˵{Z���Y.��r�c������Y��(ã܈�\�F�?��; ���8�~�)��v��ņ~�u����j{�����H�S��Տ�_]���������ݯ��0��Jh,�� �fUU4� �� �-����;���̪����i4�9I���������k /Parent 2 0 R 4 0 obj /Contents 4 0 R stream *ծ�^���]��nJ���|�B�*��;#�WN4#�qJ�@�q��R���҂���z* �(��f�ma�@@�=����'�L��q� JF@|~��y�{�%�_�#��N��^6h�ȱ3[���aFdhcܗc���3V�(-�����ӂ�?_W����+�V��g��-:��B���� � ]��s8h �uGP���g�����9��Uw��*��5H�oN� ��3���Bf����Z��`i� 5֟0����_÷��7x�F߈(���K��s���,�l�v��㕠��Lg��kO����PL�!H�W,8�+��k�ͤ哷T����AĥHu�P�F��T���.�է)� /ProcSet [/PDF /Text ] /F2 9 0 R /F3 12 0 R The literature in the field is massive, drawing from many academic disciplines and application areas. /Resources << /Length 3627 Predictive analytics is data science. /Font <<

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