As part of the Army Nurse … Participate in public health emergency response training and exercises in support of disaster preparedness. Public health nurses pursuing an MPH also may choose to pursue a specialization in public health, such as epidemiology and biostatistics, as well as environmental health. To work as a nurse in Public health a Master’s Degree in Nursing (MSN) or a Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH) is strongly advised. A job as a public health nurse practitioner requires at least a master's degree in a nurse practitioner specialty such as public health, adult, family or women's health. Public health nurse salary information depends on nurses’ location and experience. How much does a public health nurse make? Public health nurses are registered nurses who work to improve community health. Public Health Nurse 4 emergencies. 37. This may require working a non-traditional work schedule or working outside normally assigned duties during a public health … The occupation’s national median salary is $58,227. In this field, you may help educate the public about diseases or illnesses, as well as organize efforts to … Job Description. Entry-level public health nurses earn an average salary of $50,273 while more experienced nurses … Public Health Nurse Salaries and Job Growth. As an Army Public Health Nurse, you’ll assess health risks in Army communities, implement health programs to monitor the spread of disease, and promote the overall well-being of our Soldiers.

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