Hello Friends A while back, I posted to one of the three Livejournal bass communities with questions as to how best to achieve a satisfying dub tone. Those that use basses obviously turn the treble down either with the tone … To produce the required deep rich bass tone for reggae … As reggae instrumentation is usually sparse—guitar and/or keyboard stabs on the upbeats, and maybe some organ pads (sustained chords), all over a moderate drum groove—you won’t need an aggressive tone … I finally crafted a tone I … Almost stage rattling bottom and fullness but a certain clarity at the same time so that the melodic nature of the basslines can be appreciated. So in this month’s edition of Bass Camp, I thought it would be fun to cover the basics of reggae bass playing. Because you're going for a specific bass tone, I would record 2 tracks, one DI straight no fx, and the other clean reggae bass tone as articulate and clear as you can make it. When I think of Reggae bass tone I think of massive bottom end thick heavy full low end just the epitome of bass. The engineer should do the mixing and fit your bass frequencies within the track. Dub Reggae Bass Tone . On some newer Reggae stuff they use synths to get a very low, deep sound. If you liked the way the first 2 tracks came out, try to record your bass … Reggae drummers often involved these three tips for other reggae performers: (1) go for open, ringing tones when playing ska and rocksteady, (2) use any available material to stuff the bass drum so that it … Rolling the tone control to zero, selecting the neck pickup, and positioning the right hand in the “sweet spot” between the neck pickup and neck are all key to unlocking a convincing reggae bass tone. Let’s start with tone. The Bob Marly stuff is an older style of Reggae bass sound, pre Hip Hop and not electronic.

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