As I was extracting the keyboard out of its box, it felt like I was pulling a great beast out from its lair but it was (otherwise) disappointingly tame. You can also add another ‘custom tool’ option to the Dial menu using Windows 10’s Wheel options in the Devices menu in Settings. The lights will fade in and out when you’re idle and then change colour more rapidly when you’re typing or clicking and moving your mouse. Sometimes I was convinced that it was quicker just to dive in to the software. In this software, you have the endless possibility of choosing between 16.8m colors that are all customizable, but is this feature, in fact, useless when you almost need to sit in the dark to witness the wonder? This lets you assign three more functions to right and left rotation, such as various keyboard shortcuts or even individual letters, numbers or Fn keys, as well as ‘clicking’ the wheel itself (the person key as you can’t actually click this wheel). My enthusiasm for the big wheel changed when I discovered that what looks like a person icon (the key right next to the dial) activates Windows 10 Dial support – you know, the fancy stuff that the natty Surface Dial peripheral does. Generally, this makes membrane keyboards a lot less expensive than their mechanical counterparts, but they’re also less durable and, some might argue, less precise. This is mostly down to the Horde AIMO’s subdued lighting. What I thought was dull lighting, actually makes sense when gaming in the dark. Usually I’d spend a lot of effort up front dissecting a keyboard’s design, but the Roccat Horde Aimo has a ton going on and I don’t want to keep you here all day. The cold, plastic texture of the support did help keep my somewhat big hands reposeful while I typed, but I did have to take a few short breaks to do some wrist-rolls. Be it their Membranical switches that combine features from membrane and mechanical switches, innovating AIMO intelligent lighting, or the tuning wheel that can be used for multiple functions easily - it offers something to get everyone interested. There are five macro keys on the left and on the upper-right side of the keyboard, there’s a long stretch of buttons and a massive dial, which I had initially thought was a volume turn-wheel, but oh no, this was a lot more sophisticated than that. ROCCAT has introduced what it calls “membranical” keys – basically, they’re still membrane keys, but they have an extra layer that adds a tactile feel bringing the best of both worlds between the membrane and mechanical. More Like This. The keycaps are also covered in a matte-black finish, which I did like the look of and it felt pleasant under my finger-tips. I think if it was a little on the cheaper side, it wouldn’t feel like such a hard sell as it currently sits at $99 on ROCCAT’s website. It measures around 18.5 x 9.0 inches including the removable wrist rest. If you needed an example of a “gaming keyboard,” the Horde Aimo is it. This level of brightness is enough to illuminate, yet not enough to distract. Roccat's Horde AIMO is a pretty great gaming keyboard thanks to its "membranical" switches, and sweet Windows dial. The overall look of the keyboard is quite confused. no USB passthrough or a USB hub available, which could be a make or break for some buyers looking to purchase this particular keyboard. As is the very nature of its closed-in, island-style membrane keys, you only get light escaping from each individual letter cut-out rather than having it spill out the bottom of each individual key cap. The Horde Aimo actually coped perfectly well with the likes of Doom, Star Wars Battlefront, and CS:GO. I did enjoy the tactile feedback that I got from the Horde too. This site uses cookies to improve your experience. The ROCCAT Horde Comes into the keyboard wrestling ring weighing in at 1.1 kg / 2.42 lbs and 235 (L) x 530 (W) x 42 (H) mm. However, it does take some button bashing to get what you want. I really enjoyed how it felt to type, it was crisp but not loud and soft but not too light that you were left wondering if you actually hit the key properly. First we had the Kone mouse, now the Horde keyboard and, say in a padded bag behind me, is the Khan AIMO headset. You can also change practically any key on the entire keyboard with ease using the Swarm software and also an option to assign weird sounds to keypresses since the typing is quite soft then this is the new evolved way to annoy anyone within listening distance or freak out your cat or dog. MSRP $89.99 Amazon Basically, what you have here is a single sheet of little rubber contact domes rather than individual switches for each key. The Horde has five half-height macro keys down the left side. I found the undo/redo option particularly handy. If like me you enjoy customizing whatever you can get your hands on, then this too can be used to do that. I’m quite the fan of ROCCAT, not just because they have “cat” in their company’s name and it sounds cool to try and say, but because I’ve always found their products to be of excellent quality. The spacing between each key is enough to be comfortable but also speedy. I had never owned a mechanical gaming keyboard before, so this being my first time I had hoped that I would be blown away; however, initial reactions to mechanical keyboards can be jarring–and I fall into that category. Node Audio Finds its Chinese Distributor in Cambridge. A straightforward press of these buttons allows the dial to control that function which makes ROCCAT complete geniuses on this aspect and where I’m left wondering why all keyboards don’t have this simplistic feature? I am hoping that this is actually the reason for the dull lighting.

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