This microphone requires phantom power, so make sure your mixer/interface can supply phantom power before you purchase the microphone. The original Rode NT2 coupled a flat preamp circuit with a K67 style capsule with a rising response from around 2kHz that's up 8dB at 12kHz before falling off. It offers 3 polar patterns (cardioid, figure of 8, and omnidirectional), and … one of my fav condensers is the at4040. It is primarily designed for studio use, but it might have a few applications for live sound like Overheads for drums or for a string section. It's the same frequency response of a typical capsule in a Neumann U87, but in the U87 there is corrective EQ in the circuitry. Condenser Wireless Professional Microphone Condenser Boundary Microphone Sm58 Sm 58 Condenser Wired Professional Microphone Neumann Tlm 103 Condenser Microphone Vocal Instrument Blue Spark Condenser Microphone Sennheiser E835 Condenser Instrument Microphone Neumann Tlm103 Spark Condenser Dynamic Kick Drum Ev Re20 Blue Spark Condenser Headworn Microphone Dynamic … The Best Condenser Mics 100 To 1000 Gearank . The Rode Nt 2 . The Rode NT2-A is the fruit of that labor, so to speak. Specs. Microphones With Similar Frequency Responses Gearslutz . Rode Nt2a Frequency Response Chart - . The NT2-A offers a frequency range of 20Hz – 20kHz, and a dynamic response of 140dB meaning it is more than capable of capturing natural and clear sounding vocals in a podcasting scenario. The Rode NT2 is a cardiod condenser microphone. Rode Nt2a Kit . once you start spending a few 100 bucks on a condenser its more about the frequency response flavor rather than the components being complete garbage. The successor to the wildly successful Rode NT2, which was the last microphone Rode had made in China, the NT2A is a radically new approach to what made the NT2 so popular. The Rode NT2 A was designed with brand new housing and features, making it more than just an update mic. The Best Condenser Microphones For Home Studio Recording . The Rode NT2-A is a large diaphragm condenser microphone and ... i dont know. Rode Nt2 A Condenser Microphone Studiospares .

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