Downtown has a beautiful southern feel, with large oak trees, and various brick buildings along the streets. Check out the Front Street Grill with its beautiful water views. The beaches might not offer the same size and scale as the Carolinas, and there's a fair bit of industrialization, but Freeport makes up for it in sheer affordability. Boca Raton is just north, Pompano Beach just south. If you want a little more action, Myrtle Beach is still probably one of the best places in terms of affordable beach towns. Casinos, Hard Rock hotels, golf courses on the inlet, golf courses on the ocean, a community college, the Biloxi area has a lot to offer someone who wants a beach town with activities. But if you're looking for coastal areas, you're already aware of the drawbacks. Beautiful waters, mixed with the Historic Pensacola Village and the array of neighboring sands close by, Pensacola offers a lot to appreciate for the price. Let go of any notions of living in Laguna Beach, the Hamptons or Miami right now. Less a town, and more of an island with beach homes on it, Sunset Beach offers a value play that nestles you between North Myrtle Beach to your south, and Wilmington, North Carolina to your north. Did I mention it's close to New Orleans? Beautiful bays and inlets tend to do that to you. Though carrying cheaper values than Gulfport, the area is stuck in with one of the largest oil refineries in the country. You have the wonderful aesthetic of the ocean, with the small town of Southport nearby. The coastal Mississippi town certainly doesn't offer the amenities of more popular locations, but that is the secret to its financial value. The drawback here is the ever-increasing congestion and traffic. Savannah, GA. Overflowing with character and plenty of charm Savannah will make you want to immediately call the... 3. The city has an aquarium, oodles of restaurants, naval carriers to explore, and a host of coastal islands nearby. I speak from personal experience when I say that the amount of growth in the past decade has been substantial. To Jacksonville's southwest, you'll find North Topsail Beach, Surf City, and Topsail Beach. The value of the area continues to keep Mississippi as the dominant state for affordable coastal property. This string of land is essentially a miniature version of the Outer Banks. Jacksonville has a small-town feel, and you'll see plenty of servicemen. Want the weather of Florida without the cost of some places? If you dream of owning property near the coast, there are still affordable beach towns left where you can do it for a reasonable price. It's not a surprise, as U.S. Census data shows these Gulf Coast states as having some of the lowest median home values in the country. Nestled between Gulfport and Ocean Springs, Biloxi is a part of this affordable area of Mississippi. Over 22 miles in fact. Bear in mind the other hidden factors within the cost of homeownership. Receive full access to our market insights, commentary, newsletters, breaking news alerts, and more. More golf courses than you can count, restaurants galore, shops, shows, boating, fishing, you name it and it can probably be done at Myrtle Beach. If you like the quiet coastal southern feel, Ocean Springs is one of the few places left that are affordable. Speaking of Southport, though not harboring a beach of its own, the small town is within a day's drive of many beaches including Oak Island, Sunset Beach, Holden Beach, etc. you'll find restaurants. © 2020 TheStreet, Inc. All rights reserved. Buoyed by the U.S. military's presence, Jacksonville, N.C. sits on New River, a few miles from the ocean. To the south, the coast is dominated by Padre Island, a rural and beautiful area, with the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge along with it. Though more expensive than some other names on this list, Port St. Lucie certainly is a great option for affordable beach towns. Median list price: $329,950. Median monthly rent: $1,375. The beautiful town of Galveston is not too far to the northeast. This is a place of relaxation. Along Beach Blvd. Already the second-largest city in Mississippi, Gulfport has lighthouses, waterparks, an international airport, and is within a morning drive of downtown New Orleans. It's not exactly a beach town in the idyllic sense. Palm Bay, Florida. You have to take a ferry to reach it, and it is entirely private homes.) This quieter town is close enough to New Orleans that you'll be able to find a party if you want it. Murrells Inlet, SC. It is also close to the much-coveted and private Bald Head Island (Don't get your sights set on visiting Bald Head too often. Bay St. Louis is a quieter locale. If you need the resources of the city, Jacksonville is about 30 miles south, while the old-world beauty of Savannah is a few hours up Interstate 95. Though remote, Jacksonville offers reasonable home values that will get you within the distance of these otherwise very expensive beaches. Built essentially on a peninsula to the east of Morehead City, you'll find views of the water in basically every direction. To its immediate east, you can day trip to Emerald Isle, and the beginning of the southern tip of the Outer Banks. Freeport is extremely cheap. There are also highly variable rates of maintenance depending on the size and age of your dwelling. Depending on how close to the water you get, your homeowners' insurance rates can vary substantially, and some of these areas are subject to hurricane damage. With a beautiful downtown, botanical gardens, boardwalks, and many restaurants, Port St. Lucie offers a nice city with warm weather that is close to many coastal attractions. Though not as fancy as other names, Freeport offers raw value. Median home price: $187,889. If you're looking for an affordable beach town that offers solitude and tranquility, look elsewhere. The desire to own a beach house might be one of the most common dreams in the U.S. Make no mistake, this area is not for the classic beach bum. A bona fide city, Corpus Christi offers more of urban coastal experience. But if you want to be in the heart of the Outer Banks territory, you're going to pay more. The closest major urban area is Wilmington, N.C. You can get there in an hour or two, but as a whole Jacksonville is pretty remote. But it's close to the water and within driving distance of other beaches. Olympic National Park is just north of Aberdeen, while the small coastal town is within a day's drive of Seattle, Olympia, and the Puget Sound. This town is definitely on a different pace than some of the names listed in Florida. A drive across a bridge from Biloxi, Ocean Springs has the Gulf Islands National Seashore, restaurants along Bienville Blvd, brewing companies, a casino resort, and a few golf courses within driving distance. It is an outdoorsman's paradise. To pull it off, you have to stay away from the cliché. Myrtle is affordable, but it is no secret. The streets carry a small-town feel, and local restaurants offer great southern dishes. Certainly one of the more expensive names on this list, Sunset still offers value compared to its neighboring Ocean Isle, Holden Beach, and Oak Island. And while the appeal of sand between your toes and an ocean... 2. Using the 2017 median property values provided by DataUSA, here are the beach towns that seem to offer the most value. … Owning property here strategically places you close to many popular areas. The natural beauty of this area simply cannot be overstated. Whale-watching, kayaking, fresh seafood, and serene (if not a little gray) beauty of nature. It is very similar to Gulfport and Ocean Springs. Jacksonville, FL. Less than 30 miles from the Miami area, you'll never be far from all kinds of nightlife and events. Action Alerts PLUS is a registered trademark of TheStreet, Inc. You're also a reachable drive from Wilmington, N.C., which gives you access to urban amenities and culture. South of Houston, you have a city close enough to get your urban fill. Nature reserves, state parks, and fishing are aplenty. Mustang Island State Park buffers the bay from the ocean and offers a great place to see nature. Boca Raton is just north, Pompano Beach just south. The small beach town runs just east of Gulfport and Biloxi. Population: 114,194. Just 15 minutes south of the bustling tourist shops, … For those in the northwest that might not be looking to make the move to the Gulf, Aberdeen, Wash. offers some nice value for a different kind of affordable beach town experience. This small town is very close to Amelia Island to its south and Jekyll Island in the north. If you like a quiet, laid back place that harbors the feeling of a New England fishing village, Beaufort might be for you. There are aquatic preserves, state parks, golf courses, all within a few miles.

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