For a general sense of what spray foam insulation costs, if you choose an open cell product the cost can be roughly about $0.44 to $0.65 per board foot. You’ll then need to choose a covering of your choice. finish) Receive quotes: Pitched roof: On the outside: £35 - £50 (excl. The Insulation Pack Calculator converts the area (m²) to be insulated into the number of insulation packs. This size rigid insulation r-value is 6 and costs $67 per 100 sq.ft.. The thinnest board is 1 inch. A reflective foil with an additional "air cell" barrier for greater thermal insulation that complies with BCA 6 Star energy efficiency regulations costs about $350 for a 22.5mX1350mm roll (roughly 30 sq. What would you recommend? Its r value ranges from 3.6 to 4.2 per inch; higher density EPS will have a higher rating. Then there is inverted roof insulation, where the insulation goes above the weather-proof layer, with a new layer, such as gravel, becoming the external face of the roof. As mentioned in the beginning, current price for 1″ ISO insulation is $0.67 per square foot. Prices are pretty much the same in both stores. To make your home more energy-efficient, you could consider updating the insulation in your attic. Insulation Cost Calculator. Also, you need to keep in mind that to attach the 6″ ISO + Plywood, contractor will need to use 8″ roofing screws, which are pretty expensive, and build out some sort “wall” around roof edge, then do a fascia. The cost of insulation boards will especially depend on the type of insulation panel you choose. XPS insulation panels have a price of 10 to 15 pounds per square metre, depending on the thickness. It can also be made using EPS rigid or high density styrofoam. Pitched roof: On the inside: £15 - £45 (excl. Spray foam insulation is the most expensive option with the highest ROI. The price breakdown shown above is for a single garage. Usually you fully adhere single ply to PolyISO. As Roof Insulation Installers and Distributors we based in the Western Cape as well as Johannesburg, Pretoria, and KZN. Here are the best insulation materials along with prices, features, and r values. Sitemap It is made using expanded polystyrene EPS foam. However, XPS is not often used in roofing applications, because it is very expensive. Your email address will not be published. With a wealth of experience in the Industrial sector as well as the domestic Insulation markets. A closed-cell insulation product can cost roughly $1.00 to $1.50 per board foot. So you have to use mechanical attachment. finishing) Inverted flat roof: On top of the existing roofing: £45 (incl. We can help you meet professional insulation specialists near you to get real quotes today. The average cost of blown-in insulation to achieve an R-value of R-38–R-49 is $1,665 with most homeowners spending between $874 and $2,156 or $1.59 per square foot. PS – sorry to hear about your and house burning down. The best known brand that manufactures this product for roofing is: ROOFMATE BY Dow Chemicals (known as blueboard). Please refer to this to estimate how much Insulation would cost in your area: R value is extremely important, as it determines insulation’s resistance to heat flow, and reduces heat loss in your house. Materials that are commonly used include polystyrene insulation panels, often backed with foil, which are cut to size; mineral or fibreglass lagging, held in place with wooden slats; or expanded polystyrene products which unfurl to fill the space. This is a fan-fold recover rigid board that can be used in either roofing or siding applications. This includes labour costs. – Protects membrane from external temperature fluctuations and provides a steady comfortable temperature inside the home. SPECIAL! They are an XPS insulation, manufactured by Owens Corning. Depending on your roof and insulation, the cost varies between 30 and € 115 per m2, installation included. Roof insulation costs per square metre vary based on the particular R value you are selecting for your insulation. Moreover, roofing suppliers don’t quote it for small jobs. Home Depot and Lowe’s sell EPS in 2×8 foot boards with different thicknesses. Across a full roof with a tiled area of 170m2, this could equate to a saving of £1,700 or more compared to home-grown slate. Can I … It is important to note that this particular EPS insulation SHOULD NOT be used as a thermal barrier. Use PolyISO insulation with fiberglass face (not foil). Why would you attach felt paper to foam? Basic corrugated steel will cost $18 per sheet, powder-coated Colorbond will cost $21.50, double-sided Colorbond will cost $24 and the most durable Colorbond Ultra costs about $36.50 a sheet. You can even center the water flow toward a drain. Choose your thickness and order online for delivery. It usually comes in a fan-fold package with each sheet being 2×4 feet, making a bundle of 24 pieces attached together. A double garage with a 3-layer system and new decking usually costs around £2000.00 inc VAT. So, the Colorbond roof cost per m2 is the sum of the material and labour costs, as well as other possible additional costs depending on numerous factors discussed below. See Costs in Your Area! A good average to work to would be between £70-£90 per square metre for a basic fibreglass roof without any additional repairs or upgrading to the roof structure and no insulation. Lead bay roofs are even more expensive starting from £300 per m2. With a wealth of experience in the Industrial sector as well as the domestic Insulation markets. Method flat roof insulation Application of the insulation Average cost per m²; Warm flat roof: On the outside: £65 - £105 (incl. There are a number of high quality rigid insulation products to consider. Its primary purpose is to separate a single ply membrane from the rough surface of built-up roofs. So add about another ~ $1000-1500 for screws and plates. While thinking about the cost of anything, you also have to think about the return. Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code. Colorbond roofing costs anywhere from $18 - $36.50 per sheet, depending on the type of sheeting. Attach insulation to concrete with two-part insulation adhesive (like this) … use same adhesive to attache insulation to insulation. finish) Receive quotes: Flat roof: On the inside: £25 - £35 (excl. It has a fairly high r value of 5 per inch. You can actually create positive roof slope by installing tapered insulation. Those are about 30% more expensive than ISO insulation sold by roofing suppliers. This can cost around £25 per square metre for insulation panels or £30 per square metre for spray foam, as this ensures your insulation is completely airtight so may be worth the extra cost. Its biggest advantage is that on large commercial roofs, that require 3-4 inch insulation thickness, savings can be significant; as much as 20-25% over Polyiso. This allows water to run off toward roof drains or gutters and not sit on the roof, causing leaks and even potential collapse. Rubber (which is black) will attract even more heat than current built up roof, and lots of insulation is a very expensive way to keep heat out … just get a WHITE roof, that will reflect 90% of solar heat! How do you attach the second layer on top of the first layer? One inch thickness costs double, or about $45 per 100 sq.ft. This insulation typically has a clear plastic on one side and foil backing on the other to improve thermal resistance. Our office is in Cape Town. This will depend on your roof and house construction, as well as the climate you live in. 1. There are different ways you can insulate your roof depending on your particular circumstances, with different costs involved, so we’ve put together this guide to give you some examples of the kind of prices you can expect to pay. For a warm deck roof at the other end of the spectrum, expect to pay nearly double this at £140 per square metre. That would be 1 drain for every 1900 sq. Prices range from $14.47 to 33.92, depending on the board thickness and r value (ranges from 3-10). One bundle covers almost 200 sq.ft. Keep in mind that for new construction homes or commercial buildings, the minimum r value requirement is 20, or 3.3 inch thick Polyiso. The cost of insulation per square metre comes down to the brand/type and the R-Value. 2020 Insulation Cost | Estimate Foam Board Insulation Prices. The following two tables give a good indication of what you can expect to pay per m² for SIPs panel walling. Spray Foam Insulation Cost: Return On Investment There's a saying: "you get what you pay for" - and this is the case when considering which insulation is best for your property. It can be as high as $12-14/sq. ft. if the decking is bad and needs replaced. EPDM Roofing Problems – 5 Reasons To Avoid Installing Rubber Roofs. In general, EPS boards are the cheapest insulation boards: you will pay about £10 per square metre. However, the average price ranges between £5.50 – £6.50 per square foot. Of course, it’s cheaper to buy the insulation and fit it yourself. Update 2020: Try our flat roof cost calculator (no email or signup required). The average cost is $20 per 100 sq.ft.

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