The biggest difference between the American and Russian Swing (AKA Conventional Kettlebell Swing) is the height the kettlebell ends at, explosiveness required and the involvement of the shoulders. There is also the fact that you simply shouldn’t do an American Swing with a very heavy weight. 10. Posted by 3 years ago. The Russian kettlebell swing is a very effective functional movement which elicits muscle and strength gains, as well as aerobic benefits. American Vs Russian Kettlebell Swing: Let’s Settle the Debate. Plain and simple, if you're training in the sport of fitness, do the American kettlebell swing. I’ll start by saying that no exercise is 100% bad, and that almost any exercise can be programmed effectively and safely. While the American version of the kettlebell swing moves the kettlebell through a greater range of motion, it places the shoulder joint, which is highly unstable, in a compromised position at the top portion of the swing. You start by standing behind the kettlebell with your feet shoulder-width apart, and grab the kettlebell with both hands. So we’re back to having the age-old debate of whether a person should perform a kettlebell swing in the atheistic-communistic Russian style or like an honest God-fearing, gun-toting American. If performing a Russian Swing go heavier, if performing an American Swing you will want to choose a lighter kettlebell to protect your shoulder girdle. I've been doing Russian style kettlebell swings for about 4 months now and i just learned there is an American style where they raise the kettlebell above their heads. Today’s article is on the use of Kettlebells and in particular the standard Kettlebell swing. Russian vs American style kb swings? The initial part of the American Kettlebell Swing is the same as the conventional swing except the kettlebell is taken overhead rather than stopping at chest height.. Russian vs American style kb swings? Perhaps those qualifiers are unnecessary. The American Kettlebell Swing or Overhead Kettlebell Swing is used all around the world, mostly in Crossfit gyms. This is another article targeting observed technical errors and incorrect training volumes in my gym. I will refer to Kettlebells as ‘KB’ from here onwards. American vs Russian Swing. You let the kettlebell swing backward in between your legs, but you need to lock your hip and knees in a 3/4 deadlift position. It's a safer and simpler option with greater benefits! With an opening statement like that, your “but”-sense must be tingling. The Russian kettlebell swing is safer than the American swing and requires less stress and mobility within the shoulders. The American swing is what you'll be judged on, so train for it. Close. The Russian Kettlebell Swing. The American or the Russian kettlebell swing? Archived. Final Thoughts on the Russian kettlebell swing vs. the American kettlebell swing.

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