These pizzas are only decent for the size and the price of them. They're comparable to other brands that are sometimes $2 cheaper than The Screamin' Sicilian brand. Nothing to brag about, just your run of the mill frozen pizza from your local grocery store. THE SCREAMIN SICILIAN MAMBO ITALIANO! Screamin' Sicilian Pizza Co.'s Supremus Maximus Supreme Pizza features Italian tomato sauce, Wisconsin whole milk mozzarella, rough cut pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, fire roasted red and green bell peppers, onions, and olives on a medium stone-fired crust. Screamin Sicilian Pizza Holy Pepperoni Frozen - 22.3 Oz. Related Products . Okay, okay, on to the actually pizza. I bought one on sale for $4.99 (they're normally $7 or so). Ingredients. Related Products . Screamin Sicilian Pizza Lp Frozen - 22.8 Oz. Well, most people would probably just throw them in the oven and enjoy the fact that the pizzas come packed with quality toppings like full strips of bacon -- a majority of which come from within 200 miles of the facility where the pizzas are made. Most Popular. I gotta tell you, faithful reader, this is one of the best pizza’s that has ever left my oven. Ingredients. So what do you do when Screamin' Sicilian sends you a couple of their new frozen pizzas to try out? Most Popular. This is the only Take N’ Bake Pizza I have ever consumed that made me feel like I sat down in a pizzeria and ordered some fancy pizza, but at a much lower cost.

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