Thank you for signing up to Musicradar. Most importantly, though, the price tag isn’t too hard to swallow. The tones are warm, vibrant, and full, and there’s next to no string buzz. Looking for the perfect electric-acoustic guitar? The built-in tuner makes tuning this guitar properly a breeze, and there’s also a handy auto-shutoff feature that turns off the electronics if left plugged in and unattended for a while. If you’re just here to single out the best Seagull guitar, their most popular model is the Seagull S6 Original. Even for their top-shelf guitars, you aren’t asked to pay through the nose. Thanks to its solid cedar top, the S6 Original version is tonally satisfying straight off the shelf. The wood is subjected to pressure testing to ensure that only carefully selected materials are included in the production process. You weren’t wasting your money on fancy finishes or hardware and it wasn’t only guitar players that took notice: the S6 forced other manufacturers to raise their game to the extent that, these days, affordable solid-top acoustics are simply taken for granted. This is an ideal choice for those who's playing takes them all the way up the neck. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Seagull Coastline S6 Slim CW Spruce QI Guitar at When the S6 began making its presence felt in UK music shops of the 1990s, affordable solid top acoustics were still thin on the ground. The other tonewood used in its construction is walnut for the back and sides. The S6 Original is an award-winning acoustic and is arguably the finest and most successful Seagull. This is a guitar you can backpack with, tie to the roof rack of your camper van, or use to repel drunk ne’er-do-wells down at your local open mic night. The Coastline S12 is currently among some of the most popular 12-string guitars, and for all the right reasons. Hi I'm Bobby, music lover, music player, and aspiring blogger. Where this guitar lacks in appearance, it makes up for it in performance. I was hard-pressed to find anything negative about this model, but there is a nitpick that I consider mentioning. © If you've read descriptions of the S6 and wish you could find a version with electronics and a cutaway, you're in luck--the S6 Slim CW QIT offers some of the most impressive playability features in the Seagull Guitars lineup. The tones their guitars produce sound distinct yet oddly reminiscent of classical tones. MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. What if you could get the best of both worlds in a single package? Additionally, while other models in our list feature aesthetics that’d blow you away, the look of this guitar isn’t too great. The S6 still impresses with its tonal voice, tough build quality and price tag. In fact, as you look at the table above, it’s one of only items that make it different from the Classic. It offers unparalleled performance, great aesthetics, and spot-on tone quality. Our members also liked: Seagull S6 Original; Epiphone DR-100 ; Yamaha FG800; Sort by. I have a passion for learning new funky instruments and creating my own cover versions of popular hits. Even though it might not look like any other acoustic, you’ll be surprised when you strum the first chord. Let’s explore further with these Seagull guitar reviews. The action is near-perfect, as is the intonation, which makes this guitar more playable. All user reviews for the Seagull S6+ CW Cedar. It promises better playability, well-rounded, and crispy tones, and delivers on it. If anything, this guitar is underpriced. Arguably, a win-win. While we like the wider spread of the 45mm nut, electric players may prefer the smaller 43mm format of the S6 Cedar Original Slim. The guitar ships with a wider than average nut, which can marginally take a toll on playability. I’d give it a solid 5/5 for looks. An acoustic guitar that can be hooked up to an amp, without losing those flavorful tones. The finish augments the vibrations in the tonewood which gives you some delicious, well-rounded tones. The top is solid spruce though and is pressure tested, which is the manufacturer’s signature. Etude QI offers excellent playability with a sophisticated and elegant design to boot. The Seagull S6 is an excellent all-around acoustic guitar for intermediate to advanced players. If you’re looking for the highest quality acoustic, one which can be compared to premium guitars many times its price, this model won’t let you down. They also offer an acoustic variant without on-board electronics, so you can shortlist that one too if you don’t have a particular need for the electrics. The only nitpick I have with this instrument is the binding and the neck joint. Whether you’re an amateur or a working musician, you’ll find this guitar on par with much pricier ones. This reduces string drag for better tuning stability. All user reviews for the Seagull S6+ CW Cedar. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Nothing to complain about here. I’ve reviewed it first below, but to sum it up, this is a classic with staying power. Due to its classical build, it comes with a larger body.

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