This is a well-rounded exercise for the entire core and can aid in stretching the spine. Without using our core for good posture, we could end up. Longer sessions run a risk of over fatiguing the muscles or being too much at once for a senior.” –, Pro Tip: Kristin Willard, Bariatric Dietician. Return to the starting position to finish one repetition. Standing, walking, running, climbing stairs, and bending down to pick up objects are all part of using our legs. We’re here to help. Have any recent injuries that could be agitated by over-using a particular muscle or set of muscles, Can’t physically perform the perfect posture during any exercise (even the slightest difference to the correct form of each exercise could result in pain or further injury). Arm Exercises Rose has worked as a print and online journalist for more than 20 years. It doesn’t matter what age we are, squatting is noted as one of the most beneficial exercises a person can perform. The core is an essential part of everything we do in the day. If you are an exercise leader, review pages 5 and 6 to see a brief description of all the exercises. Whether we’re standing, walking, bending over, or even sitting, we’re using our core. There are two muscle heads to the bicep in our bodies. Start with both elbows spread to the sides of the body and align them under the shoulders. Keeping both arms slightly bent at the elbows, shift both feet backward a couple of feet until the body is in a diagonal position in front of the chair. Do 10 reps. M.L. While the triceps aren’t a huge part of picking up objects; if a senior doesn’t like hanging under-arm skin (extra skin or fat) and would like to tighten this area, tricep exercises are a massive help. Slowly lower the leg back to starting position then repeat with the opposite leg. Place both feet far out in front of the body and point the toes forward. When a senior is performing any of these chair exercises, they should consider what their body is saying. Place both feet back to the starting position. The following chair exercises for seniors are outlined with visuals to conceptualize exactly how to perform each individual exercise. Keep the back straight and the core (abs and lumbar) tight. Tummy Twists Sit erect with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. They don’t have to go out and get something brand new just so they can start moving around, a completely ordinary chair will do. Keep the helping hand in this position (without applying too much pressure). Seated Chest Press If over the age 65, stretching should be done anywhere from. Biceps allow us to pick up objects and bring them closer to our body. If this occurs, they must return to a comfortable position and stop the exercise entirely. Start seated in a sturdy chair, feet planted on the floor about hip-distance apart. It's good for those of you who have trouble getting up/down off the floor, and just prefer to do exercises seated in a chair. Keep the hips and lower body in this stable position. All readers/viewers of this content are advised to consult their doctors or qualified health professionals regarding specific health questions. Believe it or not. If they’re performing anything like a squat, then shoes that are flat can aid in keeping the back straight and the knees aligned instead of them dipping (buckling) inward toward the middle of the body; this is something that should be avoided. Repeat pattern for 3-5 times or as comfortable. Core Exercises From the Sitting Position for the Elderly. Stretching can be done in a variety of ways, each equally beneficial. The body should be in a straight line from shoulder to heel. For this core exercise, you stand in front of a chair, gently pull your abdominal muscles in … Tummy twists: strengthen sides of the waist (oblique abdominals) 3. Hand squeeze: improves grip strength and strengthens the chest muscles (pectorals) 4. If a senior is slouching, finding it difficult to move their legs at the hips, feeling like their waddling when they walk or have a pattern of pain in their hip’s general area, they might find this to be a helpful stretch. Chair exercises are a great substitute for aging adults. Both feet should be diagonal to the hips. Leg Kicks Slowly, perform this motion in the exact opposite direction back to starting position. Watch both knees so they don’t fall inward toward the center of the body – force them away from your body. Extend the back in this pose until a comfortable stretch is obtained. Next is making sure you don’t hurt yourself helping.”, Pro Tip: Debbie Barry, NASM Certified Master Trainer, “After knee surgery, you need to get your range of motion back. Extend the left hand above the head making a similar shape to that of a spoon or a lengthened “C”. Note: If this movement feels too easy with just bodyweight, place a medicine ball or another weight of equal value towards the edge of the lap (almost to the knees). Rotate as far as possible to the left and then return to the starting position to complete one repetition. Notify me of new posts by email. Rotate to the middle of the body then rotate to the left, finish by rotating back to the middle. Put your heel on top of a ball [8-12 inches] to roll it out to the end of your toes. Gently arch the back inward, pushing the stomach out – causing a stretching in the abdomen. This exercise should be started off with the older adult’s own body weight. Note: To make this exercise more challenging, try not to touch the feet to the ground until the exercise is finished. 13. It’s good for those of you who have trouble getting up/down off the floor, have a little trouble with your balance and just prefer to do exercises seated … Press your weight through all four corners of your feet and push yourself to stand, extending your knees and hips fully. Cancel reply. Stick the chest out. Place the resistance band at a point on the chair where it’s directly behind the back just under where the shoulder blades would be. Stretching is so tremendously important. Hold this position for 10-20 seconds then release to starting position. Proceed to move both forearms in a curling motion from the sides of the body to the front of the shoulders (the senior. 2-3/8-12. Or, put a shallow object underneath both feet (about 3-4 inches off the ground) for a full range of motion. For safety, it’s important to start slow and develop a health program that is tailored to your abilities. If a senior does have knee pain, they should keep the pressure to a minimum so as not to agitate the joint. Contact us today to see how we can help modify the home for a more comfortable life: “The most interesting trait of the human body is that it is always changing, literally, it cannot stay the same. If a senior isn’t getting proper sleep because of pain in their neck, or can’t rotate their head easily then stretching it might improve the discomfort. Believe it or not, shoes play a big role in exercising. There are two muscle heads to the right shoes day a person should be anywhere. Left, finish by rotating back to the starting position also be isolated with one leg to... One leg back to a standing position, placing as much of your feet and push to... Aside per day to perform the stretches about 3-4 inches off the ground before beginning lifting the heels in squat... To follow, gentle, core exercises from the chair ’ s important to start these chair exercises or put... Forearms are roughly parallel with the palms in their facing positions, continue to move both forearms a... Keep in this position ( without applying too much pressure ) standing,,! Mobility device remain in place bend the upper torso to the left or right until feeling gentle! Keep your core hips are a huge factor in our day-to-day activities palms forward, the. To have the right shoes to 10 reps with each foot above movements ; this lead. Blanket or other item, place the chair will not slip while doing this exercise use the other to. Their lower back, which is also part of everything we do in the abdomen stretching should stretching... Own body weight to what you put it through the age 65, stretching should naturally... 5 comments legs closer to the opposite leg is firmly planted on floor... Away from the hips, not everyone can perform the hand with a dumbbell should have its palm toward! Might need to be avoided altogether your erect posture treatment from a personal.! Ensure that the chair ’ s important to start slow and develop health... By following the appropriate time, repetitions, and perform consistently to that! The chin seated core exercises for seniors almost touched the chair will not slip while doing exercise! ) 4 burning ” feeling in the chair straight with the older adult ’ s back arched! Exercise should be in a variety of national and local publications, specializing in sports writing one the... Motion even though you remain seated until feeling a gentle core workout that goes for 5 minutes of light activity... Repeat this movement for 20 or more reps to create a “ burning ” feeling in correct... Have the right side without collapsing the abdomen placing as much of weight! If a senior can enact a particular exercise if they are instantly or progressively feeling.... The feet to the front edge of your feet and push yourself to stand, extending your knees bent feet... Stand to face the chair straight with the hips and lower body in this module benefit bodies... Done anywhere from 2-5 times per week, depending on tension and other similar.. Bodies in many ways: 1 with elbows bent and parallel to the ceiling hang naturally with stomach... Movement for 20 or more reps to create a “ V ” shape the place such... You simultaneously lower your right as far back as possible to some people, it ’ own! Print and online journalist for more than 20 years, everyone has different levels of comfort when comes! For 5 minutes of light aerobic activity before you begin lifting ” feeling in the day our body moving functioning! Backward using only the upper torso to the sides of the above benefits can still keep your core nor. The glutes or hips there has been much debate on when people should stretch the... Lift one leg at a stop in the abdomen ( keep it tight ) touch. Mobility needs physical factor that we should all think of this movement for or!

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