Buckaroo equipment, Dogs,Boats,fly Fishing, Industrial sewing machines, leather tools And Volvo Veterancars, Leather Lady Productions all rights reserved © 2006-2020, http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=37299&page=3. I am not familiar with some that you mentioned, like roller guide on plate. http://www.kwokhing.com/pfaff/. edge guide C, Fig. Try it out. Oh.. Gregg... You might have some better solutions. What Edge Guide For A Singer 111W155. The one in Germany is 79€ and you don´t have to drive to the customs offcie and pick it up (just in case) + you have a 2 years warranty. Is there a Europe Dealer or must i import from USA or China to Germany? How much was your edge guide including shipping from China? I just found the same type (I think) at a dealer in Germany and he even has a number of adapters. I haven´t seen either one personally but this one looks good to me, The one form Kwokhing is $65 shipped (in case Kwokhing has not risen their prices.) I like the Pfaff type the best, those made out of square tubes and rods. You can post now and register later. I just noticed College Sewing in the UK has them too. There are lots of edge guides available, but someone would have to know what type you would like. Find the number in their web page and order, pay with paypal. Push it up and out of the way when you do not need it. Because i know every forum comunity likes pictures here are some from my work. SINGER SERGER MODEL: 14U54. Kwokhing is located in Hong Kong, send them an email and ask for Mr. Bosco Ko. I have a "T" shaped guide, but the only place I can see to attach it is the bobbin cover...Those 2 holes in the cover on that Pfaff photo above are the same as the Singer cover I've attached it to. The only drawback is less space to change needles and bobbins, with big hands and small machines that is. Edit: The straight guide is a KG-BZ, a zipper guide, That straight is actually a zipper guide; you place it above the zipper cord. The Singer Edge Guide is a versatile tool to use with many different presser feet for various techniques. Paste as plain text instead, × Sewing Machine "T" Sewing Edge Guide With Mounting Screws. http://www.kwokhing.com/guide/, All these feet`s will fit your machine depended of what sewing operation you want to perform. 4.5 out of 5 stars 373. Marshall Jacklin, Singer’s Edge Program Teacher 5 “I have been so happy with Singers Edge at our studio. Powered by Invision Community, Belts, and Bracelets, Dog collars and leashes, Leather Sewing Machines and related equipment, Sewing Machines and some cutting equipment, Handgun holsters, tooled belts, custom made to order items, sewing, alterations, repairs, Restoring vintage sewing machines. I went to the Kwokhing website and could not find any edge guides for Pfaff. Works on most industrial and home sewing … You can find them here: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Kantenlineal-fur-alle-Leder-Sattlermaschinen-/221433119437?pt=Alte_Berufe&hash=item338e7142cd, http://www.ebay.de/itm/Kantenlineal-fur-alle-Dreifachtransport-Maschine-/221438341576?pt=Alte_Berufe&hash=item338ec0f1c8. i send some Mails to Rimgm and ordered now this for round about 70€ with shipping (arival tmorrow ). 2. Constabulary: I have a little straight guide and the roller. Simply keep the fabric edge along the guide and you will find that you can do even edge stitching, without any need for guessing at it. With a little fuzzing about you can attach a binder on it too. WITH: The SINGER Serger Portable Sewing Machines, including (many not listed) Edge Guide, Screw On Mount. Old saddles tucks. You need a piping foot, left and Right foot (alternating foot), smooth feet`s for leather and one (or two) for small operation. I won't quote prices he gave me here, but he might be able to meet or beat that and not make you have to worry about adapters, screws, etc... And customs, overseas shipping, etc. For heavy fabrics, it may be necessary to increase the depth of the tacking stitches by moving the guide C to the right by means of the holder D, Fig. Now i'm inured to all the little Helper on my small new Pfaff. As Greg Mention you probably have to tap holes for it on the back of the head just like I describe in post #37 in this topic.   Pasted as rich text. https://www.college-sewing.co.uk/KG867-DROP-GUIDE-FOR-DURKOPP, Seems my next order will be in the pipe soon. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Now move your needle slightly to the side ( less than1/8 inch) where you pressed the seam allowance to. Which aditional feets are helpfull? The most needed thing is a good fence, so i found this Thread. Place the finished edge or seam line under the presser foot so that the right toe of the foot rests on the finished edge or seam line. I really like the guide and am about to order 2 more of them. Leather Lady Productions all rights reserved © 2006-2020 ... Stitch Applications Guide. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 11. Singer Simanco 161172 Seam Guide Screws into bed to provide an adjustable edge guide. Kwokhing makes them and sell them to dealers all over the world. I don't know which i should buy, the Rimgm looks so artless and not rugged. Do you see the Rimgm Version in real life? The guide was ~$65 USD Shipped. Anyway, I you buy these same guide from DA you got to pay around 400$. I almost always modify my feet`s, nevertheless; not many of these kwokhing Pfaff feet`s needed to be.   You cannot paste images directly. I seem to recall someone a while back on the group here had put one on the W155 but I can't find that post. I was looking at Kwokhing.com for an edge guide. The GB series. Thats why its made like it is; try it out. I contacted them but the guy who answered didn't seem to be 100% sure which one would fit the Singer. The one on the Pfaff would be perfect. 99. Hi Contabulary, the guide in your link is a Kwokhing guide. I do not like these center feet`s with a needle hole only, I modify them in to open toe ones. My small Ambition is to weak and further i'll use it only for light fabric, so the 145 is a realy nice Thing for heavy Fabrics. Or is there a US source for a good guide? Are you asking about a swing down guide? Thats right what Thesergeant says; the Pfaff 1245 guide will fit your Singer head. They look identical to the KG767 series devices. Something that has been sorely lacking to this point. The SINGER® edge joining foot is used to sew fabric edges together side by side. 2 Joining fabric edges You can keep fabric edges together ( as in a butt seam); use this foot with the central guide between . It helps for stitching perfect even seams along straight edges. Before you order from China or Germany, check with Gregg here first. Parcels arrives even faster from Hong Kong than from the USA to my location (far north... Oslo) There are some extra customs delay in parts of main land China now a days, but this is Hong Kong...No problemo. Before I paid 25$ for a guide like that, but I guess some of the dealer complained about that because now the price is much higher. No matter what - for just 20€ I don´t take the pain to order in China. Thanks for shopping SINGER and sharing the gift of sewing this holiday season!   Your link has been automatically embedded. I have a Pfaff 145 Machine... it's the FlatBed Version from Trox's one. Like Wiz mention the people in Kwokhing do not know these old machines. I´m grom Germany too. ×   Your previous content has been restored. The guide you want is KG1245. A T-edge guide? The machine here is a Pfaff 345 cyl. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab If there is a difference of just a few $ (well, I probably have to pay import fees + taxes when ordered in China) I would order one here in Germany. My Pfaff 145 didn't have the threaded holes so I drilled/tapped the back for M5 bolts.

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