Perfect for the Blue Yeti: It is usually hard to find a shock mount that fits the Blue Yeti’s unusual build. Jeremy has been running several online businesses behind his laptop for the past 5 years and he has worked as a freelance web developer previously. 1. Simple by design, the Smallrig 1859 (around $9) suspends the microphone between four crisscrossed elastics, making it ideal for any model that is under 1 1/2 inches in diameter. However, its compatibility needs to be determined by comparing your mics sizes with Rode’s pro caster or podcaster microphones. TIPS AND CAVEATS : This thing holds a mic pretty securely, but you might want to experiment a bit and see how it works with the particular microphones you'll be using. Shock mounts are a staple in most professional studios. When users buy our independently chosen editorial This enabled him to travel extensively, living for prolonged periods in a number of interesting countries and experiencing several different cultures along the way. help fund the Wiki. Apart from its versatile compatibility, the Rycote Invision USM is built with durable materials like silicone that ensure a sturdy and long-lasting build. Rycote Invision USM is one of the most highly compatible shock mounts in the market. Fueled even more by increased smartphone usage in 2020, podcasting is a lucrative business option and content creators are taking note. Shock mounts eradicate a lot of these by suspending mics in rubber or elastic cradles that absorb vibrations and mitigate the odd knock or two, allowing for cleaner results with fewer issues. The Auphonix Pro Blue Yeti is designed specifically for use with the eponymous brand's Original Snowball and USB Pro. The shock mount can effectively reduce handling noise. May 31, 2020 The shock mount boasts high mechanical isolation from the end of the boom pole, significantly reducing noise and producing a better audio quality on set. Even if you’re just beginning your career as a podcaster, having one can not only give you that professional audio quality but also the right look. From Samson and Behringer to AKG and other condenser microphones, the LyxPro Spider is compatible with many standard podcasting mics. 2. 2. Moderate Compatibility: The shock mount has decent compatibility with a wide range of microphones. LyxPro MKS1-B is one of the best affordable options on the market. Here are a few of them: Achieving the superior audio quality you hear in professional podcasts is harder than it seems. The blue yeti is a popular microphone that does not fit in most standard universal shock mounts. Even subtle gestures like touching the mic, thumping the table, or changing the mic’s position can create unwanted vibrations that travel into your microphone. The microphone works best for studio recordings and you can make use of it for podcasting, A wireless microphone system provides a simple setup for audio transmission. Auphonix Silver shock mount is specially designed for the uniquely shaped Blue Yeti microphone. Its wide application, If you are looking for a USB mic, the only two options you commonly come across are Blue Yeti and. The Rode Blimp is a sturdy shock mount that can withstand a lot of action inside and outside the studio. The negative effects of vibration on audio quality depending on the sensitivity of your mic. Also, the more directional the polar pattern the more susceptible the mic will be to LF nasties, too, so figure-of-eight, hypercardioid, and cardioid, in that order. Some newer microphones, such as the Neumann TLM 102, sport an internal shock mount, i.e.

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