View online schedule. Consecutive inside swing rolls to a count of four C. Skate the lilt action from step five of the Rhythm Blues pattern D. Cross behind steps on end pattern of the Rhythm Blues (note: optional steps) E. Skate Rhythm Blues pattern with music Ice Dance 4 Test qualifications as of April 1, 2020 or when the skater submits their registration to be a solo dance series participant, whichever date is earliest. © | 2019-2020 Season . 2020 World Junior Championships At the National Solo Dance Final, the top-scoring solo ice dancers from around the country gather to compete at a national level event, where national champions are determined. Instead, skaters are required to compete at various competitions within their section throughout the season, which begins in March and ends in August before the Final in early September. Solo Dancers - you will no longer be receiving a USFSA Solo Dance registration number, but please register for the Solo Dance Series prior to entering. In addition to competitive figure skating opportunities, adult skaters can compete in other skating opportunities at the adult level: Synchronized Skating; Theatre On Ice; Showcase; Solo Dance 2018 Howard E. Van Camp Invitational Pattern Dance Resu... 2018 Howard E. Van Camp Invitational Shadow Dance Resul... 2020 Solo Dance Series Skater Registration Form, 2020 Solo Dance Series – Dances and Initial Information (PDF), 2020 Solo Dance Series Pattern Dance Diagrams (PDF). The 2020 Morris Open has been chosen by US Figure Skating as a participating competition in the 2020 Solo Dance Series and the Excel Series.