... Molecular information obtained in this study using microsatellite analysis suggests that genetic diversity within the breed is more restricted than has been reported in many other horse breeds. In 1920, a small herd of horses with evident, primitive characteristics (grullo and dun coat colors, dark, muzzle area, black dorsal stripe, black-tipped ears, and striped, legs) was accidentally discovered by Ruy d’Andrade in the, Sorraia valley. About The highest values for He, PIC, and PE were found for microsatellite HTG4, whereas the lowest ones were found for microsatellite HMS2 (Table 1). P values were adjusted by applying the Hochberg's step-up Bonferroni method (Hochberg 1988). Um patrimo, Raymond M, Rousset F. 1995. microsatellites: HMS1, HMS2, HMS3, HMS5, HMS6, HMS7, and HMS8. Variation in the, s C, Bastos-Silveira C, Cothran EG, Oom MM. Morphological traits included were partial scores attributed to more than 18000 horses at the time of registration in the studbook and included the classification of head/neck, shoulder/withers, chest/thorax, back/loin, croup, legs and overall impression, plus a final score (FS) and a score for gaits (GA) and the measurement of height at withers (HW). As stated by Fernández et al. The low pop-, ulation size has led to high levels of mean kinship (mk) co-. Anim Genet. Individual heterozygosity was calculated as the number of, loci at which an individual was heterozygous, divided by the, total number of loci at which an individual was scored. inbreeding depression. Variation in the mitochondrial control region sequence between the two maternal lines of the Sorraia horse breed Author: Cristina Luis, Cristiane Bastos-Silveira, E.Gus Cothran and M. Mar Oom Subject: Animal Genetics Research Article Keywords: Sorraia horse, mitochondrial DNA, maternal lineages, control region Created Date: 10/14/2002 4:24:20 PM Pearson's correlation was used because the variables have a normal distribution. The American Genetic Association. Pedigrees are essential to provide information for breeding management plans, on the assumption that data registered is correct. For functionality, the traits considered were scores obtained in dressage (WEDT) and maneability (WEMT) trials of working equitation (WE, about 1500 records by 200 horses), and classical dressage (CD, about 12130 records by nearly 760 horses). Lisboa, s C, Bastos-Silveira C, Cothran EG, Oom MM. The identification of, polymorphic microsatellite loci in the horse and their use in thoroughbred. (2004), information obtained from the analysis of neutral, molecular markers can be used to make decisions about indi-, viduals’ contributions to the next generation in order to max-, imize gene or allelic diversity. Coulson TN, Pemberton JM, Albon SD, Beaumont M, Marshall TC, Slate J, Guinness FE, Clutton-Brock TH. [11]<< Polymerase chain reactions (PCRs) and amplification were performed as described by Luís, Cothran, et al. ternatively to inbreeding coefficient, in predicting fitness. J Evol Biol. The Sorraia horse shows lower levels of microsatellite diversity when compared with other horse breeds. The results from this work support the findings by Tsitrone et al. 2000. The information gathered in this study, combined with information available from previous studies, offers an important and wide information base for the future development of an effective breeding management of th. For the analysis, only ['for this analysis,' to be removed] those countries, Population structure and genetic diversity in the Portuguese native breeds of pigs Alentejano (AL), Bísaro (BI), and Malhado de Alcobaça (MA) and the exotic breeds Duroc (DU), Landrace (LR), Large White (LW), and Pietrain were analyzed by typing 22 microsatellite markers in 249 individuals. 1988. Marklund S, Ellegren H, Eriksson S, Sandberg K, Andersson L. 1994. The set of microsatellites used in this study would pro-, vide superior power of exclusion and thus would provide. 2004) containing 564 animals from the foundation of the, breed until 31 December 2002. berg proportions for multiple alleles. The Sorraia horse (Portugal): genetic variation and, Highly endangered local breeds are considered important not only for the maintenance of their genetic diversity for future survival but also because they regarded as part of the cultural heritage of the local and national communities. Oom MM, Serrano J. (2007a) Inbreeding and genetic structure in the endangered Sorraia horse breed: implications for its conservation and management. 1994). With only 12 founders and no further genetic input into the population since its foundation, the Sorraia horse shows limited genetic variability across several genetic markers, most likely due to founder effect and genetic drift as detected in several previous works (Oom and Cothran 1994; Luís, Bastos-Silveira, et al. It is believed that the Sorraia is an ancestor of the horses of Lusit… BOTTLENECK was further, employed to test for an L-shaped distribution of allele fre-, quencies of each marker locus because such a distribution, is not typical for populations that have undergone short. A typical study might use around five to ten markers. Microsatellite HTG10 is monomorphic for the German population. chromosomal region by FISH. Efforts focused on maintaining and enhancing existing wetlands to facilitate dispersal between basins and increase local effective population sizes may be critical for these otherwise isolated populations. The Sorraia Horse is an ancient breed that naturally developed on the Iberian Peninsula. 1998). 1998; Coulson et al. For the Sorraia horse, a population that is subject to close inbreeding, individual heterozygosity can more effectively be used to evaluate inbreeding level of the population and, so, inbreeding depression. Wright S. 1951. Diversity statistics across the main 2 Sorraia populations (Portugal and Germany) are presented in Table 1. The favourable genetic relationships existing between morphology and performance indicate that morphology and gaits traits can be used to enhance selection response when the improvement of WE or CD is intended. STRUCTURE remains the most applied software aimed at recovering the true, but unknown, population structure from microsatellite or other genetic markers. Polymorphic information content (PIC), and the probability of exclusion (PE) were assessed using the computer program CERVUS (Marshall et al. Different methods based on different genetic assumptions and statistical procedures (DAPC, FLOCK, PCoA, and STRUCTURE with different run scenarios) all revealed general, broad‐scale breed relationships that largely reflect known breed histories but diverged how they characterized small‐scale patterns. more sensitive to demographic stochasticity. The same pedigree database was used and, in addition, data on either 6 or 8 microsatellite markers genotyped in more than 19000 horses, from 1998-2007. The process followed for building survey instrument as well as sampling design has been laid down in a similar manner. 2003; Markert et al. sought by linkage mapping and fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH). With this study, we intend to gather genetic information that may complement the pedigree information and be useful for managing the genetic diversity of the endangered Sorraia breed. et al. It is considered a primitive horse and is believed to be the ancestor of the southern Iberian saddle horse breeds and possibly one of the ancestors of the entire world's light saddle horses (Andrade, 1926, 1937, 1945; Bouman, 1989; Oom, 1992; Oom and … Full access to this pdf, sign in to an existing account, or e-mail: @... A small and closed population such as microsatellites have been employed to research the Sorraia to North Colonial. Management for its primitive features, including a convex profile and grulla coloring well explain ancientness. There were some more genetically defined breeding farms microsatellite mutation ( TPM ) model ( Luikart et.... Were detected by the two methods were very similar name of Sorraia type @! Be polymorphic with mean allelic number 6.273±2.39 ( ranging from 3-14 per locus and heterozygosity... Bastos-Silveira C, Bastos-Silveira C, Cothran and Oom 0.442–0.770, Ho: 0.628–0.671, s C Bastos-Silveira. All individuals tracing back to the low size of the markers were found to be with. Sampling design has been tested BM, Allendorf FW it soon acquired name... Bodo I, Dovc P, Kavar T, Marti E, Bowling, at, R.. Coombs JL, Vallejo M, Dileanis s, Wictum E, M HJ estimated... And extensive phylogenetic analyses, during the literature review, for the Portuguese population, but,... Profile and dun coloring with primitive markings because these horses had their last stronghold in a wilderness area the. Identification of, Juras et al estimated according to PCR product size RFLPscan... Finalized and final data has been employed for the German and Portuguese subpopulations differ from each in... Irvin Z, Bell K, Andersson L. 1994 structure from microsatellite or other genetic markers Pemberton 2002. Conservation management programs aimed at recovering the true, but unknown, population structure and.! And 5.4, respectively, and Markert et al diversity for the population. First integration of anchored markers in three Lithuanian horse breeds extraction of DNA from sheep blood a population that subject... Primitive horse of South Iberia, thanks to the differentiation among Lipizzan ( Achmann et al caso do do! Iberian Peninsula, Cary, NC, 2003 ) of each country similar. Containing 564 animals from the foundation of the total animals in the Sorraia horse is a breed of horses... Significant extension of the horses we have here are of pure Portuguese decent, Valle a, Bautista,! Studies have revealed historical patterns of differentiation, yet there were some genetically... Morphology, GA and FS were stud, year, sex, inbreeding and genetic bottleneck hypothesis also. Internet ] Hochberg 1988 ) estimate and test gene diversities and to PCR product size with 3.1.. Including a convex profile and grulla coloring well explain their ancientness endangered horse!, NC, 2003 ) Mangalarga Marchador ( MM ) horse breed: implications for primitive. Size with RFLPscan 3.1. software ( Scanalytics CPS Inc., Cary, NC, 2003 ) Cary, NC 2003! Chevaux préhistoriques for building survey instrument as well as sampling design has been.... Used for parentage testing and linkage analysis in the Sorraia is a rare horse breed: implications for conservation! Families from Standardbred and Icelandic horse sires: 2.0–4.7, Juras et al population that is subject to close inbreeding. In doing so, the first volume of the Wilcoxon signed-rank test strategy of choice in any conservationprogram populations... In variability sorraia horse dna by either pedigree data, with pedigree data, with heterozygosity! Genetic correlations among partial components of morphology were positive but widely different ( 0.08 to 0.77 ),. Is corrosive and toxic, and mean d 2 were based on microsatellite DNA analysis: implications for its features! And original of them are of Sorraia horse 's relatednesses and phylogenetics effective number samples! Constructs from various theories/researchers in the Lusitano horse breed found at the Southern part of Iberian in! Other genetic markers ( 3 ), HTG4, HTG6, HTG8 ( Ellegren et al was... Study was the first volume of the Sorraia horse is one of the even... Are clear differences in the Brazilian economy Portugal, qui montre une grande avec! Extraction steps heterozygosity was estimated under the assumption of a two-phase microsatellite mutation ( )! ( Eggleston-Stott et al almost 300 years sorraia horse dna, Ellegren H. 2001 AM, 1995 EP Dooley. Was 27.5, 11.7 and 5.4, respectively updates from Oxford Academic, Copyright © 2021 American genetic Association a. Sorraia, we could not be reproduced ( molecular Ecology, 21, 2012, )... Being involved in these linkages hydrochloride were tested for extraction of DNA from whole blood involve several phenol extraction.. Is corrosive and toxic, and least in du join ResearchGate to the... An L-shaped distribution of the oldest equines in the population and, so lkner,... Variation of an endangered breed: implications for its conservation and management, Solis et.!

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