It’s also a very important skill in volleyball. It is the act of jumping and hitting the ball down into the opponent's court, which hopefully results in a "kill". Improve Your Volleyball. If done appropriately, every spike you make will earn your team points. It goes without saying that players who are responsible for attacking, spiking as well as hitting have to practice special volleyball skills. The spike is performed by moving the arm in a way such that you angle the ball to land on the ground of your opponent's side of the court. (3 meter) line. team that spike the ball. For a left handed hitter, the 4 step approach is left foot, right foot, left foot, then right foot. In Volleyball we want to use a 3 step approach when spiking. Spiking a volleyball can involve a two step, three step, or four step approach.It is the coordinated effort of footwork, arm swing, and explosiveness. (Blavevich, 2012) The wrist must snap when making contact with the volleyball above its center of mass when spiking, this generates topspin so the ball can dip to land inside the court. Volleyball Practice Plans – Download some sample practice plans to make your practices more effective. The better a team is at spiking, the more likely a team will have successful hits that result in winning rallies. Volleyball spiking and hitting drills to help teach you how to spike a volleyball like the pros. Goal of Volleyball Tips, Cues, and Common Spiking Mistakes. Yes this is Free for a limited time! A tip or dink is performed by contacting the ball in a controlled manner with the fingers. Many players really want to improve their volleyball hitting power. The 3 step approach should be one large step with your … In this research total Ten Inter-University level male volleyball players were randomly selected from north zone as subjects for the study. Run a drill where the player is taking a volleyball spike approach and then contacts the ball with the non-dominant hand at the peak of the jump.This step is important because it familiarizes the player with reaching high with the non-dominant hand before the spiking hand hits the ball. One way to catch the opponents off guard is to tip or dink the ball. The spike is one of the most powerful moves in all of volleyball. In many ways, the mechanism of volleyball spiking is not altogether different from the act of slam dunking in the sport of basketball or smashing in the sport of tennis. They are all great volleyball spiking approach. 99. SPIKING/ATTACKING If there is a moment of TRUTH in Volleyball, it is the perfectly hit SPIKE. Volleyball Training Aid Soccer Practice Trainer with Adjustable Belt for Serving Setting Spiking Training, Volleyball Training Equipment Aid for Beginners and Volleyball Player with 10 Finger Sleeves. There are various types of hits - the outside, middle, and back hits based on who the hitter is. the ball to land on the ground of your opponent's side of the court. The SPIKE combines power, speed and athleticism to provide the excitement that is uniquely Volleyball. How Do You Spike A Volleyball Harder? Back row players can legally spike the ball from behind the 10 foot This is a series of indoor volleyball drills for outside, opposite, middle, back row, transition spiking and more. Volleyball spiking became very popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s with the massive proliferation of beach volleyball as a popular sport. A lot of force and no wrist snap will … Usually a spike is hit with great force at a downward angle. However, it is not the easiest move to learn, but with passion and practice, you are ready to go. not returnable. With this open hand playing action, the ball is then quickly directed to the opponents court. A successful spike will land on the other side of the court or will deflect off a block into dead territory. Improves volleyball spiking power by focusing on the scapula. Point of ContactThe ball should be contacted reaching up high with the arm straight, elbow extended.

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