250 g conchiglioni pasta shells (9oz) you can also use lumaconi; For the filling. Keyword: baked pasta recipe, conchiglioni, Italian recipe, pasta bake, pasta shells, ricotta, spinach, stuffed pasta Servings: 4. Ingredients. Would you like to enjoy pasta without all of the carbs? They are also really easy to make and can be prepared in advance to save time if needed; making them a great option for weeknight dinners, or even for a fancy dinner party. These vegan spinach and ricotta stuffed pasta shells are one of my favourite comfort food meals. Author: Jacqueline De Bono. Salt and pepper; This is my standard recipe that is virtually identical (if not identical) to what I use for all things spinach and ricotta, from this Spinach and Ricotta Pasta Bake, to Puff Pasty Puffs, Rotolo (it’s like upright cannelloni – and it’s amazing! Of course you would, who wouldn’t? It is a great dish to make ahead and heat up in the oven as needed. These easy stuffed shells provide a comforting, wholesome, flavorful treat and make the perfect 30 minute meal the whole family will enjoy. What’s not to like! This delicious pasta dish consists of spinach and ricotta stuffed shell pasta with a lot of garlic and a hint of lemon and a creamy béchamel sauce. These 5-ingredient spinach and ricotta stuffed shells is a quick and simple vegetarian pasta dinner that is perfect for a busy weeknight or a special occasion. ), to Spinach Ricotta … I use it in almost all my spinach ricotta fillings. It can be eaten by itself or as a side to fish and meat. They are a winning combination of carbs, creamy, cheesy spinach and rich, tangy tomato sauce.

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