education functioned as a catalyst for change. are still deeply entrenched in the Singapore education system even though they are ceasing to be relevant. As a result, essential skills like critical thinking, communication and interpersonal skills are not taught. Get 15% discount off your first lesson and no agency fees! Education itself may also contribute to inequality. Education itself may also contribute to inequality; in a skills-based economy where university education is rewarded with monetary remuneration, the education gap reinforces the income gap between individuals. This is measured by international test scores, graduation rates and prevalence of higher education seekers. Knowing fully well that success hinges on ability, affluent families spare no effort in their child’s early education through means like enrolling them in enrichment classes. The government can only do so much to tackle the issue of how the Singapore education system is too stressful. Suppression and withholding knowledge is no longer possible with the increasing number of online platforms from which citizens may access to gain exposure to alternative viewpoints divergent to those that the government espouse. On one hand, Singapore’s education system is considered to be among the best in the world, with students consistently ranking well in global achievement tests. Personally, I keep a positive outlook. The government can only do so much to tackle the issue of how the Singapore education system is too stressful. Strengths of the Singapore education system. Aside from producing results in academia, Singapore’s schools have been geared toward building the economy. I have faith that it’s already moving towards the better. Such Singapore education reforms make it clear that the government is going to great lengths to update its curriculum for the better and they strive towards offering what is perhaps the best education in the world. Allows faster, more talented students to develop to their fullest potentials, ensure that they are given sufficient resources to stretch and challenge them. More emphasis placed on extra-curricular activities that train interpersonal skills and character & leadership development. In ancient times, India had the Guru Kula system of education in which anyone who wished to study went to a teacher’s (Guru) house and requested to be taught. Many students face immense pressure from their parents because the society, as a whole, have the mindset that excelling in examinations is the best way to get ahead in life. PISA, which stands for Programme for International Student Assessment, ranks global education based on tests taken by 15-year-olds and it is considered to be the benchmark to determine the best education systems in the world. A complete overhaul of the Singapore education system isn’t a likely possibility. While online programs have significant strengths and offer unprecedented accessibility to quality education, there are weaknesses inherent in the use of this medium that can pose potential threats to the success of any online program. Primary aim is socializing- teaching students how to interact successfully and productively with others. Our services are 100% free and we pride ourselves on successfully matching our clients with the most suitable and qualified tutors. While there is no such thing as the perfect education system, much can be learned when looking into which country has the best education system (if it is not Singapore), checking the Singapore education system compared to other countries, and finally, picking up what Singapore can adapt from other role models. The results by PISA is supported by another educational ranking known as Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), in which, Singapore takes the top spot for science and maths. If Singapore’s economic performance is any indicator, the system has been successful in churning out the skilled labour needed for the city-state’s economy to flourish thus far. Finland has a unique education system that is successful despite going against the traditional ideas of school. Various streaming systems and big examinations (e.g. has a unique education system that is successful despite going against the traditional ideas of school. In fact, high anxiety plagues a high proportion of students in Singapore. Discourages unconventionality, no room/tolerance for creativity or innovation. New Results-based Education Fund for Africa and the Middle East. The PSLE constitutes the first major hurdle of the doe-eyed student. Slowly, that will change the way the Singapore education system is too stressful. South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan follow, and the Singapore education system ranking comes at fifth place. The latest PISA rankings published in 2016 sees Singapore topping the charts for all three aspects of maths, science, and reading, surpassing countries across the globe to be number one. Schools teach their students that political participation is good, and teach them the obligations of civic-mindedness, including voting, being informed on civic issues, volunteering and performing public service, and serving in the military. This way, examinations will cease to be a life-defining hurdle. You may try out his free home tutoring services via or by calling 6266 4475 directly today. Without morals to set boundaries & limits as to how to behave, the knowledge amassed through education can be used to achieve avaricious, selfish desires & personal gains at the expense of others. The wide income disparity in Singapore, when left to its own mechanisms, will easily translate to lower-income children underperforming when compared to their higher-income classmates with greater resources. How to Engage the Uninvolved and Reluctant Parent, How to Make the Right Friends if You’re an Introvert Student, The Impact of COVID-19 On Singapore’s Teenagers – And What Parents Can Do, Top 10 Art Classes for Children in Singapore, Guide to Marking English Essay Assignments from Your Students, 24 Ways to Motivate Bilingual Children to Speak Mother Tongue, 6 Ways to Communicate to Your Students with Special Needs. Try as it may, rote learning and passive memorisation are still deeply entrenched in the Singapore education system even though they are ceasing to be relevant. Get a reliable home tutor to teach at the convenience of your home. With the introduction of a system of ‘channeling’ students into different educational programmes at the Primary and secondary levels, the pressure to do well in examinations has increased drastically to both pupils and parents. who can find unique ways to fill gaps with new initiatives. National Exams to Continue: How are Our Students Going to Cope without Teachers in Classrooms? The issue of inequality is also one that the government has voiced its concern about. They are prepared thoroughly for examinations by constant practice, review of past-examination papers, and so on. Therefore, when deliberating the educational systems that Singapore can learn from, I shall turn to the west. © 2020 SmileTutor Pte Ltd Reg No. Dull arts scene, few sportspeople. Is the Singapore Education System Too Stressful and Flawed? Schools and principals exhort teachers to improve their students’ paper and pencil test performance. To ensure that the workforce remains competitive and to increase the education level in Singapore, SkillsFuture Singapore provides an array of workforce development programs for people from various backgrounds. which is the fastest route to university. The education system, including universities, are. Balancing it out: the Singapore education system pros and cons, The issue of how the Singapore education system is too stressful, however, is one that is unlikely to be resolved easily. There is no impetus to break out of the mold and challenge the process or push boundaries. provides an array of workforce development programs for people from various backgrounds. – each and every one of them are funded by public dollars, and students can get the same quality education no matter which school they enrol in.

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