SSM was borne out of organizational process modeling and general systems theory, which hold that everything is part of a greater, interconnected system: This idea works well for “hard” problems (where logic and a single correct answer are prioritized), and less so for “soft” problems (i.e., human problems where factors such as personality, emotions, and hierarchy come into play). To learn more specific brainstorming techniques, read this article. Creativity is embedded in this process by incorporating diverse inputs and/or new ways of organizing the information received.”. This is the biggie. Balance divergent and convergent thinking, Focus on “Yes, and…” rather than “No, but…”, Begin with the problem or problematic situation, Express the problem or situation and build a rich picture of the themes of the problem, Identify the root causes of the problem (most commonly with CATWOE), Build conceptual models of human activity surrounding the problem or situation, Compare models with real-world happenings, Identify changes to the situation that are both feasible and desirable, Take action to implement changes and improve the problematic situation. This is the biggie. Problem solving techniques provides all steps, like Algorithm, Flowchart or block diagram, Coding, Program debugging, Running. While the exact steps vary slightly, they all follow a similar trajectory and aim to accomplish similar goals of problem, cause, and goal identification, idea generation, and active solution implementation. There's no disputing that technology is changing the way we work. Are procedures created in such a way that they perform logical sub functions? Ideation techniques use specific and customized stimuli, or ‘thought triggers’ to inspire new thinking and new ideas.”, MacLeod adds that ineffective or rushed leadership is another common culprit. Most problem solving techniques look for a balance between the following binaries: The following basic methods are fundamental problem solving concepts. There are many basic troubleshooting techniques you can use to fix issues like this. All team members formally commit to the decision, regardless of whether they advocated for it at the beginning. Be able to explain the solution clearly and precisely in 30 seconds. Discover why millions of professionals around the world use Smartsheet to move from idea to impact - fast. Algorithm (Solution Design). TRIZ: A Russian-developed problem solving technique that values logic, analysis, and forecasting over intuition or soft reasoning. His newest book is 21 Days to a Big Idea. Although problem solving techniques vary procedurally, experts agree that the first step in solving a problem is defining the problem. All Rights Reserved Smartsheet Inc. What Is Problem Solving and Decision Making? You just clipped your first slide! Means-End Analysis (MEA): The MEA strategy is to reduce the difference between the current (problematic) state and the goal state. “Why?” again. Teams feel empowered and engagement and investment increases.”. Along the way, experts weigh in on the importance of problem solving, and offer tips and tricks. After defining the problem and presenting multiple courses of action, the group divides into small advocacy teams who research, analyze, and refute a particular option. Plagiarism can be good. In situations where you have multiple problems to solve (e.g., business turnarounds) pluck the low-hanging but important fruit first. Toyota is justifiably famous for its problem-solving savvy in perfecting its production methods. As issues arise and you work through to an innovative solution, you need a collaborative work management tool to ensure the solution is successfully implemented. Privacy Policy.

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