Jesus knew she gave all she had and it would not have been this way if she had not of been robbed and treated so poorly by such religious and wicked leaders–we don’t know what happened after she gave as isn’t mentioned in scripture so it’s not for us to know or it would have been mentioned. the word “devour” means to tear something apart and consume it to a point to where there is nothing left, like a wolf would tear apart a sheep and and eat it to the point to where there was nothing left for the vulchers And what I am seeing here is Jesus uses this woman as a example to where , even though the scribes and pharisees thought they were destroying this woman, which they couldn’t care less, Jesus made a point that the poor widow, gave as she did , he seen that she even out gave the rich and mighty , and brought them to their knee’s with guilt mainly because the poor did not have to give to temple treasury, they should of supported her. I do sometimes find it interesting that there are all sorts of folks talk about context context context when it comes to matters of God’s promises, gifts, etc….yet there is a widespread agreement about this being correct. Shall we put our Lord and Creator in a box that He may only be able to discuss one or the other? You bring up a great point. ​If you read carefully, you recognize that Jesus talks about widows in the preceding context and the Temple in his subsequent remarks to the disciples. It is more blessed to give than to receive. We are anxious to make some sort of rule out of this passage so we don’t have to depend on God to lead us about when and how much to give to whom. An expert numatist has said that the ancient lepton“is proba… She’s poor and just exhausted her last. I had to speak to a friend who is older and single because her husband left her(like a widow). By the way, avoid churches that have offering jars in the front, all it is, is a way the pastor to keep tract of who’s giving and not giving. Required fields are marked *. for us. Sometimes that has turned folks away. Because we don’t want to be seen NOT giving? Jesus Condemns the false religion of the temple : (which stood judged/condemned). “Mite” refers to something very small in size or value. It is the ordinary unknown man That says everything about MacArthur's character or rather lack of it. The Pharisees could never give God a gift that would be pleasing to Him, because they continued to operate under the Law. I believe that sometimes we should not [only] read the text but also stop and hear the text. 3. All of this is about my story! Thanks for such good info. Excellent. I find it interesting that Luke 21:1-4 has is referenced on, with a link o this page (, however when I get here, there’s NO Luke reference, but several from Mark, not that I have anything against that, but why not Luke ? “TRULY I SAY TO YOU, THIS POOR WIDOW PUT IN MORE THAN ALL THE CONTRIBUTORS TO THE TREASURY; FOR THEY ALL PUT IN OUT OF THEIR SURPLUS, BUT SHE, OUT OF HER POVERTY, PUT IN ALL SHE OWNED, ALL SHE HAD TO LIVE ON.”. Anything less is an attempt to glorify ourselves or bribe God.” Sometimes I do wonder if we sometimes get focused on the nuts and bolts that we forget about preaching Christ crucified. “If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! John MacArthur supports Trump, an admitted serial sex assaulted, rapist, grifter, liar and sociopath. Unrecognized masses that hold our world together Paul Penley's training as a Bible scholar, life as a human being, and work as a philanthropic advisor overflows into this blog. Only God can give us a truly generous heart and giving from what He has put in our hearts will last for eternity. The Lord taught more often about money than He did about heaven. Growing up I don’t think I heard a teaching about the widow’s mite that did not take the widow and make her the standard by which all of us are to give when it comes to our giving. 41 Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. One day, Jesus was sitting with His disciples near the temple treasury watching people depositing money into the offering receptacles. Look at it not Jesus sitting next to rather than opposite from the treasury and a new perspective is available. She’s the same woman in Psm.68:8-13, speaking to Kings&armies , declaring God’s judgment, also Ish.40&41, show’s you, God calling A woman, to declare His Words. You may have spent every dollar from the last week on groceries and gas for the family, but you simply have no money left. I think sometimes people use the widow’s mite story to induce guilt and challenge people to give their all as the widow did, which is not helpful. In Luke11:31, she’s from the South, bringing Judgment! I believe the LORD may have been, indeed, emphasizing how sacrificial the financial giving of the widow was. They had no status before the Law, no right of inheritance. They vote for republicans who are prostitutes to the rich and sell out the poor, middle class and even slaves to their rich pimps. The Widow’s Mite And Feeling Like We Don’t Have Enough To Give. Mathew 5:8: The widow gave from her heart which is why I think God mentions it and no one but God knows what we have to give really. I havent been able to find much on this or I am not looking in the right places. We must also take note of the fact that only the men were required to pay. So, here is the scene. Would the whole of the people be giving on this day, or just the pharisee’s and one widow? She was giving by faith – which is what sacrificial giving is to me. She … Compared to the rich who only gave what they could do without, not giving any faith/trust in God, but in themselves to provide. When I was working I had no problem giving surplus of my tithes. Enter email address to receive monthly blogs: All Scriptures should be read fully before going into “interpretations.” The effects of “before” and the “after” of a particular “portion” of Scripture are so, so very important as it give you the full picture of what has been occurring around the theme point that has been brought up. It’s interesting how God’s Word is always in agreement and, yet, can speak differently to us at different points in our Christian walk. She’s a widow (i.e. Poor people, and those that seem – A Matter of Context”, I Wish You Were Cold or Hot, not Lukewarm. Thanks David. 5. “Truly I say to you, this poor widow put in more than all the contributors to the treasury; for they all put in out of their surplus, but she, out of her poverty, put in all she owned, all she had to live on.”. It was known that the religious leaders back in those days did everything to be seen; and bragged about treating people they deemed less than them despicablely. Kinda like sowing and reaping.

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