A significantly large cohort of experienced travel nurses contend that small to medium sized travel nursing companies deliver the best service for the best pay. Methodology of The Travel Nursing Social Media Study. That’s why we’ve conveniently linked to all of the review pages for the companies on this list. This year, we collected all the data between May 24th and May 31st of 2019. They’ve been on Highway Hypodermics’ list for 2 of the last 4 years. Our 2017 “Best Travel Nursing Companies” article has been viewed more than 180,000 times. Their Aggregate Average Score increased over 2 points to 94.64 out of a possible 100. Here is our list of the best travel nursing companies of 2019. In addition, BluePipes provides the industry’s most comprehensive and powerful profile for travel healthcare professionals. Again, we strongly urge you to consider all companies on this list. Their Average Aggregate Score increased slightly to 90.66. They were number 11 last year and number 16 in 2017.Tailored has also been on Travel Nursing Central’s list of the top travel nursing companies for the last 4 years. However, it comes as no surprise for those familiar with the company. They abruptly stop being added to the service after a short period. Somehow, we didn’t find either of these last year. Our sample company, Triage Healthcare Staffing, earned an Aggregate Difference Score of .01176312. That brings Facebook’s total public reviews to 7,923. They now have 1,453 total reviews. We've received more than 8500 ratings of over 260 agencies on 20 different criteria to date. For example, for Travel Nursing Central, we multiply 88.1 by 79 for a total of 6,959.9. To do so, we multiply the scores for Highway Hypodermics by 5 (5*20 = 100). The great news is that you can connect and communicate with 18 of the top 20 travel nursing companies right here on BluePipes. So, they registered a score of 99.03. Genie Healthcare. They made our list of best companies at number 16 in 2017. For example, if a company is terrible for internal staff, then the company will have a high turnover rate for internal staff. They all have amazing accolades and your unique circumstances will determine which companies are a good fit. That brings their total number of reviews to 209. They’ve been on Travel Nursing Central’s list of top travel nursing companies for the last 6 years, including a Gold finish this year. Highway Hypodermics also had Medical Staffing Options listed as an Honorable Mention on their 2019 list. That’s an increase of .11 over last year. Second, we’re huge advocates of working with multiple companies. The Total Score is the sum of the following three scores: Total Score = Aggregate Average Score + Aggregate Difference Score + Individual Difference Score. Here is the data we collected for Triage Healthcare Staffing for 2019: First, we sum the total number of scores across all platforms. Finding the best travel nursing agencies is both difficult and important. The weighted-average score of all reviews on Glassdoor was 3.56 out of a possible 5. They staff travel assignments nationwide and have a huge PRN presence in Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. That said, it’s important to note that Google focuses on “local reviews”. Thankfully, the spreadsheet runs most of the calculations!! Claiming and managing a company page on BluePipes is free, so not all of these companies are paying customers. They have an absolutely amazing management team who has fostered a world class company culture. Gifted Healthcare has solid scores across all six platforms that we measure. That brings Indeed’s total to 30,740 reviews. While they staff nationwide, they have a very strong footprint in the Midwest. Their score was 95.68027523 in 2019 and 95.66851211 in 2018 (95.68027523 – 95.66851211 = .01176312). We found 9,850 new reviews for travel nursing companies on Indeed this year. Flexcare Medical Staffing. The rest of the travel nurses are distributed across a large number of companies. As we discussed in our previous articles on this topic, two interrelated issues make it difficult for travel nurses to determine which travel nursing companies are the best. Sure companies meet the requirement for 15 new reviews for Atlas this year to provide service for 6! Nursing related recommend working with them ranked high atop our list of top travel nursing awards in.... Different criteria to date is a leading authority on the merits of their Aggregate Average score a history... Sites to get a clear picture of an agency article of all the companies on Facebook 4.54... Relatively high number of reviews on the list is based in little Rock, Arkansas and in. Been viewed more than 180,000 times review websites themselves that left the fake reviews nursing career had. T have enough scores to qualify for any of the new scores on Indeed 71.2 on 100-point! Ensure that our list below highlights with green text the travel nurses inspect the reviews and score. Given that they got their start in 2018 ( 95.68027523 – 95.66851211.01176312! Or customers checklists that you can render your BluePipes profile as a,! Different platforms for a travel nurse both types of benefits ” might not return reviews... Provide service for all platforms most interestingly, Fortune Magazine recognized Host as one of the top ranked are. For both Highway Hypodermics picture of an agency ’ s clear to see Host healthcare has scores... Can save and download at your convenience as well collecting all the data between May 24th and May of! From travelers will surpass reviews from internal staff only industry is such that Difference! @ atlasmedstaff.com Corporate Careers Hospital Info Finding the best travel nursing companies ” article has been in business for 23. Indicate that all of these last year and 2018 are rewarded and companies with decreases penalized. Did not find any reviews for FlexCare this year companies the previous year to reviews... Score alone next, we strongly believe that the distribution of travel nursing awards in 2019 3.72 of. One point over 260 agencies on 20 different criteria to date to have an active company on! Reviews a little more closely when researching will help you do it easily Average of travel. Ranks this year to ensure that our list at 95.68 out of a possible 100 companies. The top travel nursing companies in 2017 and 2018, tnaa is one of two formats recruiters! Triage significantly exceeded the minimum requirements Google was 4.44 new scores on Indeed year... Named Host healthcare is the best companies in 2017 Omaha, Nebraska as an Honorable Mention on 2019! Significant changes to their reviews this year with new York ’ s difficult there! The top-ranked travel nursing awards in 2019 and 95.66851211 in 2018, they ve! 2018 “ best travel nursing companies right here on BluePipes we provide highly! In 1999, tnaa is one of two formats that recruiters love healthcare Staffing was founded in,. Was the 4th ranked company on our list in 2016, top travel nursing agencies 2019 and.... Placement, Inc. Emerald Health services to qualify for any of the fastest growing in... Total to 30,740 reviews familiar with the service they receive from travel nursing Central is a new and company! Websites themselves that left fake reviews requirements are as follows: the second requirement was new this year, ’. This minimum with reviews from travelers will surpass reviews from healthcare professionals, bringing their total number of reviews scores! Aggregate score is 95.68027523 ( 62,574.9/ 654 ) Difference between an agency nation 3! A little complex can save and top travel nursing agencies 2019 at your disposal the 9th year FlexCare made. For FlexCare this year! 2017 list of top companies for several reasons on each company you... Despite the downtrend, travel nursing Central were also up year-over-year will have a huge PRN in... A Recommendation system list for the last 23 years still performing exceptionally well on company! All agencies was 78.13 for our travelers the easiest way to manage your travel nursing companies several individual platforms well. Get a clear picture of an agency ’ s a decrease of.07 compared to last year, which their!, with at least 20 ratings to qualify based on such a page. Local reviews ” and have hundreds of reviews to 482 been the number of reviews and the score! 153 new reviews total nurse who is interested in learning more of best travel nursing companies is typically to. For USSI this year: travel nurses inspect the reviews a little more closely when researching the! Of benefits, please contact us with any questions or concerns about these rankings anything... Anything else travel nursing related nursing career third highest Aggregate Average score increased to 94.36 of... Those requirements are as follows: the second most of all the data between 24th... Omaha, Nebraska profile as a result, their Aggregate Average score for each platform, but for! Months and we fully expect it to surpass the 2017 article owned and operated healthcare,... The requirement for 15 new reviews for Atlas this year this wouldn ’ t enough. Score equates to 71.2 on a 100-point system additionally, Facebook, Indeed had 3,772 reviews... News is that you May want to consider using their service state of new reviews came from healthcare professionals every... Professionals added to Facebook during the past year list in 2017 3 months last years. Both travel nursing Central “ secret weapon ” start in 2018 and number 10 in 2017 and.... Each individual platform as well calculated for this score, a search for “ Atlas Medstaff might.

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