The 5th and 6 semesters (advanced studies, or the 2nd phase) also cover elective courses, which give the students the opportunity to select topics that let them follow their own individual interests. Sie haben versucht eine Funktion zu nutzen, die nur mit Javascript möglich ist. In parallel, elective courses increase the students' individual strengths in language, writing and presentation skills. The official admission criteria are oriented on the type of secondary school degree: The prerequisites for being granted admission to the Master’s program in Computer Engineering is a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Paderborn University or a similar Bachelor's degree from another college or university. Communications Technology, e.g., mobile communication, Embedded Systems, e.g., automotive technology, aerospace, and medical systems. MS ESE offers two specializations: signal & information processing and electronics & devices. In the engineering discipline of Computer Engineering, not only the basic subjects, but also career-oriented practical training plays an important role. What other funding options do you have for this program? The compulsory modules in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering strengthen the skills in the central fields of Computer Engineering. About. To become prepared for the methodology this project work entails, students complete a course in project management during the third semester. Additional Prerequisites. The Bachelor’s program in Computer Engineering is currently open to any student, which means that no numerus clausus (NC) is applied. Summer. The current version of the Master program Computer Engineering (PO 2017, v3) is described in the examination regulations as of June 16, 2017 and in the addendum as of April 29, 2019. Before registering, please check whether you meet the admission requirements. Students must complete at least 52 ECTS in the first phase of studies before they are granted permission to complete modules from the second phase. In the Key Competences module, an introductory seminar and an elective course are held on soft skills, and participation in the mandatory mentoring program is set up. In addition, proven sufficient proficiency in English and, for international applicants, a GRE Revised General Test or a very good or good CGPA in the Bachelor program are required for admission. Computer engineers hold specialist and manager positions in research and development, project planning and manufacturing, measurement and test engineering, service and sales, management, and also education and training. The second phase covers compulsory and elective modules. The final thesis project covers the Master's thesis and a preparatory work planning phase and is often derived directly from the topic of the project group or from the student's own area of specialization. Master Computer Science and Engineering. Paderborn University is the University for the Information Society. The offered courses include many practical exercises and experiments in the basic modules, and also two courses tailored to the studies of Computer Engineering: In the third semester, a lab in microcontrollers and interface electronics provides students an introduction to fundamental measurement technology and the interface between hardware and software. Studierende vor dem Optoelektronik-Gebäude P8, Foto: Universität Paderborn, Fotografin: Judith Kraft. You can find many positive answers about this university across Quora. The program can be started in the winter semester. Paderborn University. The prerequisites for being granted admission to the Master’s program in Computer Engineering is a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Paderborn University or a similar Bachelor's degree from another college or university. The Master's program offers the following areas of specialization: In the module "Scientific Workstyle", students complete a research-oriented seminar and, in parallel, a further elective course that strengthens their individual competence in language, writing or presentation skills. Is this program offered part-time or full-time? The Master's program is designed to be research-related and provides especially the abilities necessary for analyzing problems in Computer Engineering independently and for developing the scientific methods required to describe and solve these problems. In comparison to graduates of the Bachelor's program, the Master's program graduates receive an in-depth education. The contact persons listed below are available for more information. In the fourth semester, students work on a team project in system design, focusing on a joint major task in hardware/software design. A Master of Science Degree may be earned on the … This program equips you with knowledge of algorithms, performance, hardware, and design and documentation methods. Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences - High Integrity Systems. The following diagram provides a descriptive overview of the Master's program in Computer Engineering. Because the topics in the Master’s program are oriented towards the areas listed above, Master’s graduates already gain specialized qualifications in specific scientific fields. If the official admission prerequisites are fulfilled, the prospective student is granted official matriculation. Phone: +49 5251 60-3002 The uni-assist web site lists Paderborn University under "Universities (Master)" and heading "Northrhine-Westphalia". Master’s Program in Electrical Engineering. Read More. Our strong foundation in computer science and its applications, as well as the importance of IT for a growing number of disciplines, Because the existing "engineering gap" will increase in the coming years, excellent job prospects are expected on the whole for Bachelor's and Master's graduates in Computer Engineering. As a result, Computer Engineering graduates hold the best prerequisites for their professional career. Um sämtliche Funktionalitäten unserer Internetseite zu nutzen, aktivieren Sie bitte Javascript in Ihrem Browser.

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