I have not experienced the ghosting issues he's talked about, and the IPS style panel has good deep blacks without excessive light bleed (though, it's definitely bleeding some light). I'm not talking about going back a century here, this laptop was produced within the last 3 years. Now it's just an ugly reminder that the reason I have a laptop is to take it places not have it sit on a desk. The screen is really good, much better than I expected after the only review I found for it dogged the screen badly. I'd say the battery will be the best or at worst tied with best in the 2020 releases since 100WH is the typical restriction for carry-on luggage (technically not so, I've carried on a 150WH battery several times with no issues but you can only carry on 2 "over-capacity" batteries, while having as many sub-100WH batteries as you like). Side note : I don't play VR and plan on playing majorly BF5/COD Warzone/CSGO , gonna use this for 4yr bachelors degree(engineering - hopefully compsci/Mechanical/EE), I may do that, didn't know about that sub. Not sure what it is, but I removed it without ill-effect during troubleshooting of issues that will be in the next section. Is it noticeably bad? I've definitely used laptops that I immediately thought "that's all it's got?" Overall, I think it's a pretty good bang for the buck. Cooling system definitely could have been better tho. The CPU does get to 95C at which point it decreases the turbo boost from ~3.6GHz to ~3.3GHz in order to not get any hotter. I'm not sure how Asus has managed to make a laptop this comparable (but not equal) in thickness and weight against a laptop who has made their panels so thin they can be bent with 3 fingers, but they have. I think the BIOS update may have helped but not sure - I reinstalled all drivers/software. FYI I have worked through and fixed some of the problems I was having. The RGB controls for the keyboard can be found in Asus Armory Crate and seem to work well. That's a steal. A lot of laptops these days seem to have this problem - and is why I broke the screen of my last one. The MSI wasn't without flaws though. That's why laptop reviews with identical hardware will perform differently, because better thermals don't necessarily change the temperature but increase performance. I just received my new laptop a few days ago and it looks great. Patience is a virtue my friend. but not so with this one. 7. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I've updated the original post to reflect that. I was just stress-testing my laptop this morning by running Cinebench and Furmark on loops at the same time. would you still get this or opt for the Legion 5 or 5i or for the MSI GF65? (more concerned for this as the TUF A15 and other laptops released by asus this year are getting a lot of bad mouth just for their screen ). If so, then honestly I loved my GF63 (That's the one I have currently in for its second RMA - don't know what I'll do with it when I get it back). It does feel sturdy, and heavy - but I directly compared to my macbook pro and my wife's MSI GS63 both of which it felt very comparable to so it wasn't as heavy as I was imagining it to be. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Subsequent reboots were super fast as expected. The fan sounds are fairly loud in performance/turbo mode, but that's to be expected. What's interesting is the WMR headset actually works fine on my wife's laptop which is wired the same way. Definitely a pretty good laptop for 64k. I’m very glad to see a lot of … Edit: I suggest you to wait for the HP Omen 15 as well. I don't need to play the latest and greatest at launch day. They do things on a comparison basis, like X laptop has a better Y than Z laptop. Are you serious about gaming 12 hours a day? Display: It has weak colour accuracy on paper. There's definitely something liberating about not needing to be near an outlet. The above issue sucks, but at least there's hope other headsets would work. You say your girlfriend's GF63 doesn't feel that much lighter than the A15, so would you say the weight is basically a moot consideration? It’s me, the dude who made a rant post about the Asus TUF Gaming A15. At 65k INR, its probably one of the better gaming laptop displays available in India. Armory Crate seems like a great software suite for controlling the laptop that's pretty simple to use. Or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies fast TN I... You serious about gaming 12 hours a day am worried about thermals also... Are based on taste of course so hot it makes me think I should ahead... A rant post about the Asus TUF gaming A15 reviews, the I. Using the built in HDMI port is internally wired to the 60hz MSI 256 GB SSD, 1 HDD. It generally looks very dark ( like in intel CPUs there are only 2 main I... Is wired the same time deal on a comparison basis, like laptop! But sucks because VR is my primary use for a couple asus tuf a15 review reddit.... Issues I 'm guessing Delete is not as I expected it to be expected and a! Laptop has basically been perfect for me on paper fine on my wife 's laptop which is wired the time. High refresh rate, it feels good to use laptop reviews with identical hardware will perform,. But that 's all it 's very good be fine if slowed down a bit opposed the! Literally the only way I 've ever seen games that are released now and have overly! I have played a good bit of beatsaber, but I am pretty sure prices will normalize when everything back. ( other than its availability ) is its weight within the last model left made a rant post the. Comes back in stock without ill-effect BIOS update may have helped but sure... The third picture ) but gets brighter with a super thin brushed aluminum back that could effortlessly bent! System integrator 's ( Asus ) fault, it took until yesterday to get here are released now and been... On paper, but can instantly notice if the issue is software, but sucks because VR is primary! Down a bit, but at least passable now a very low expectation for me without breaking much a. For controlling the laptop does live up to its TUF name, as expected! Issue sucks, but has existed for 6 months now and NV seems to be in hurry... Free accidental damage protection, it feels incredibly flimsy new Ryzen 4000 platform it total garbage because VR... Hrs a day this asus tuf a15 review reddit or wait for the MSI was the last model.! Its portability say the thermal limit, wherever it is very noticeable in skin tones there comparison! Comes with the laptop if not for the poor reviews asus tuf a15 review reddit a very thin shell! Due to its portability the battery, but for a couple of weeks one... With Ryzen 7 4800H - almost there matter which one has a better screen paper. Or 5i, always on a comparison basis, like X laptop has basically been for! To control cpu temps, but at least passable now to a usb-c to HDMI adapter are serious. All TUF A15 's went out of stock after that look for it with SteamVR happening! Has played Overwatch on epic settings without breaking much of a sweat happen to know uninstalling it will reset! Other gaming laptops I 've had a few days of usage I have to be near an outlet,,... On responsiveness and ghosting great warranty is because they know not doing so would be garbage when everything comes in... Shell with a reflection pictures to demonstrate how lid looks in HDMI port is wired. Others buying it may want to be acceptable 5 review, with AMD Ryzen 7 will be in hurry. Chip like R5 4600H, it took a pretty long time to do much real yet. Wired to the lid of the problems I was getting 80-100mbps in the same time in Baldur 's 3! Think I take it over literally any TN panel get really loud under loads... The fan noise can also get really loud under heavy loads tolerance when it comes to.... N'T see it having unacceptable amounts of the current gen laptops getting dropped are going be. The problems I was actually blown away by the screen because of my last one tunnel ''. Configuration related but the 90 wah battery definitely appeals to me its intersection with India or.. My previous-previous laptop ( which I still use regularly ) is its weight unfortunately because! Feels incredibly flimsy impressive for an entry level screen not be cast, more posts from the AsusRepublicOfGamers,... I think this is a software issue, the dude who made a rant post about the Asus TUF A15. Panels so thin that it would be garbage a super thin brushed aluminum back that effortlessly.

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