Lady's mantle, or alchemilla, is a low-growing perennial that is an ideal plant for ground cover. Alchemilla mollis. When the plants reach 4 inches in height, plant them outdoors. Plants may be grown from seed started indoors about 6-8 weeks prior to last spring frost date. Or buy for just $6.95 on Amazon USA and Amazon UK, or iBooks. Alchemilla xanthochlora is a PERENNIAL growing to 0.3 m (1ft) by 0.3 m (1ft in). … Lady’s mantle (Alchemilla mollis or Alchemilla vulgaris) is an attractive perennial plant. */, If you enjoy the information on this site, then you'll love my book: The Gardener's HQ Plant Growing Guide. Alchemilla mollis Alchemilla mollis or Lady’s Mantle, Grow it and Buy it. Container-grown hardy perennials can be planted at any time of the year … It is also commonly used as a ground cover and makes a nice edging when kept in bounds. Cut back foliage hard in late summer to encourage a new flush of leaves. Above all the soft lady’s mantle (Alchemilla mollis) is a popular ground-cover, since it can form dense continuances fast and blooms very long. Soft, frothy, yellow-green foliage hovers above the plant from early summer through autumn. /* Add your own MailChimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block. The species name, mollis , means soft which is an accurate description of the leaves of this plant. It’s a very carefree plant and doesn’t require any special attention or fertilizing. To prevent leaf scorch, the most common issue, give the plant enough water and a partly shady location. Alchemilla Mollis Plant Flowers. They are soft and downy, up to 6 inches wide, circular in shape with 9 – … GardenersHQ © 2005-2020 Dean Ravenscroft / Thank you for visiting my gardening site; 2020 - 12 - 03 : Privacy Policy, Download the PDF, MOBI (Kindle), and ePub (E-readers / iPad) files, and get a $1.00 discount. Quite adaptable, growing in full sun to part shade, but can tolerate full shade. Will tolerate any moist soil in sun or partial shade. A Colorful Summer Border Idea with Hemerocallis, Hosta and Alchemilla This plant combination includes 7 gorgeous Daylilies with different flowering seasons for a longer display. Home Plant Alchemilla mollis. Though its foliage remains semi-evergreen throughout winter, you should remove older leaves as they brown. A stalwart of cottage garden planting schemes and equally pleasing in rockeries, or grown as … ... Plant Uses & Characteristics Accent: Good … Item # Crop Image Plants form a mound of rounded, velvety soft olive-green leaves, which catch and hold water drops, then sparkle in the sun. Sign up for our newsletter. Lovely at pond’s edge or in and around terraces. Even then it should be just enough to moisten the soil. Native to Eastern Carpathians, Caucasus. You should allow plenty of growing room for these plants, and space them about 8 to 12 inches (20-30 cm.) They work well as a filler in cut flower bouquets or can be dried for fall and winter arrangements. Alchemilla mollis - time to cut it back! Alchemilla mollis. Divide plants as needed. Where to grow. Grow Alchemilla mollis in moist but well-drained soil in sun to partial shade. Individual plants should be planted at the same depth as their current container, and it is helpful to add a little fertilizer or compost to the bottom of planting hole, watering generously afterward. Ladys mantle is an interesting plant to add to the garden, especially shady borders. The flowers of Alchemilla Mollis form an airy mass of tiny, yellow-green blooms that rise up from their foliage, standing proud until they flop over & droop due to their own volume and weight. Alchemilla Lady’s Mantle. Alchemilla mollis or ‘Lady’s Mantle’ is a great ground cover plant and a favourite for beneath roses. Extremely popular for the beautiful foliage texture this lends to the garden. Lady’s Mantle’s large circular, scalloped leaves are pubescent and velvety soft to the touch. « Previous Plant | Next Plant » Print this page.

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