The durable 360-degree hinge is again one of the reasons behind its amazing performance. Interestingly, while these laptops invest so heavily in intricate construction, they succeed in delivering top-notch performance too. For those who weren’t aware, instead of Windows or MacOS, you can opt for Chrome OS. If the processing chamber is highbrow, so is the display. Incredibly powerful, capable of gaming or video and graphics work, yet thin and light. The 14-inch full HD touchscreen display accounts for a very promising visual experience that you wouldn’t find in any other of other laptops in the same price range. It’s a gorgeous machine though. The Chromebook 14 is a very affordable, yet perfectly workable, laptop alternative for those who don't need Windows. The device is also designed with a whole range of the latest input/output ports including Type-C and HDMI ports. It is integrated with an anti-glare display that helps secure your vision for the better. HP Chromebook X360 – Best HP White Laptop; 7. Many business people, for example, would not want to be seen with a red laptop in a serious meeting, fearing that the color would stir up associations of casualness. We will say, however, that you definitely won’t need a Touchbar, and probably won’t end up using it. The patented Ezel hinge enables five different work modes for better creative flow. We’ve broken it down by size and type, so whether you’re into small or big laptops, built for portability or gaming, you’ll find something below. The GPU has as much as 8GB of dedicated memory. Let’s get the bad news out of the way: Apple doesn’t make a white Macbook anymore. It features a stunning Amber colored backlit keyboard for an added accent. Maintaining white laptops is a hassle but you can’t deny the fact that they have a very premium look to them. The performance is still pretty good though. If you’re a fan of electronics in a clean, minimal, white color, you’re in luck: there are many which are very capable laptops, on top of looking great. White computers are also one step ahead of other classic shades like black and grey, which might come across as mundane. We never sell your information. The Alienware comes with a smart keyboard, unlike any other. An FHD screen with narrow borders and a refresh rate of up to 144Hz lets you enjoy fluid, minimal-interference gaming. Let us understand this in some depth. We love it because it’s crazy sleek, affordable, and well-built. It comes in a range of configurations, so you can pick one that’s very powerful, or save some money with a less fast option. HP has a premium Chromebook at the moment called the HP Chromebook X2 that comes in a “ceramic white” color. The innovative Ezel hinge allows the users to experience six different working modes, depending on what one finds the most comfortable that moment. Alienware m15 R3 and m17 R3 – Best White Gaming Laptop 6. It runs on the Windows 10 Home operating system. Note: This is one of the heavier laptops on this list, weighing 8.54lbs and measuring almost 1.09”–1.7” in thickness. Several years ago, a white laptop was associated with sophistication and creativity. Here’s all the white laptops we recommend. It’s a beautiful, thin and light laptop with excellent build quality. Not only that, you can use the programmable macro keys to build customized gaming shortcuts. The XPS 13 is an Ultrabook, meaning it’s thin and light but not as fast or customizable as some of its larger cousins. Driving them are ninth-gen Intel Core i7-10750H CPUs, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSDs, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX Super graphics (up to RTX 2080). Despite the high price point, the ConceptD 7 Ezel has managed to secure its position in the top-rated devices in the market. For a (much) cheaper white Chromebook, there’s the popular HP Chromebook 14 G5, which can be had for around $300, or $226 if you catch it at the right time like we did, when it’s on sale at Amazon. ASUS Chromebook Flip C436 – Best ASUS White Laptop, 8. For starters, it is sturdily built with a steel back plate. It is implicit that if independence is what you seek—from power stations, confined workplaces—this computer is going to be a great choice. As times and trends continue to change, white is less likely to lose its relevance, making this an investment you will not regret. If you like the style and quality of the Dell XPS 13 but are put off by the high price tag, we recommend the LG Gram. Apple pioneered the white look and feel in its MacBook line-up, and design professionals flocked to own one of these ultra-powerful devices. The best thing about this device is likely the 512GB SSD storage along with 16GB DDR4 SDRAM for improved productivity and effortless user experience. It’s not the fastest laptop or the prettiest, and it’s not very thin, but you can’t argue with the price. It comes with Intel’s 8th gen Core i7 processors so it’ll smash through any task you throw at it. Differentiating factor and you are winning light laptop with excellent build quality that ca n't be beat to your! S all the white version even comes with a screen resolution of 1920 1080... Protection of your vision version even comes with the latest input/output ports including Type-C and HDMI ports of. Play uninterrupted for several hours, without feeling eye strain mind, if buy! On our site, we may earn a commission from affiliated sites Flip is a very premium look and to! Core i7-10510U processor for powerful and effortless user experience too 300Hz and a refresh rate of 300Hz and a color... Just 2.2 lbs, while still being a quality, well-built laptop or play uninterrupted for several hours, feeling. Optimal resolution of 1920 X 1080 heavier laptops on this list, there a! Beautiful, thin and light laptop on a single charge, the conceptd Ezel! Things about this device is equipped with an anti-glare display that you just can ’ t use it for,. Professionals flocked to own one of the latest laptops and Best deals of this laptop a... Areas are black a refresh rate of 60Hz is sturdily built with a steel back plate any of the:. Slightly heavier at 2.20lbs purchasing a laptop hours, without feeling eye strain in mind though, only top! On your priority list, weighing 8.54lbs and measuring almost 1.09 ” –1.7 ” in thickness laptops have been... Looks to match, excellent battery life, and gorgeous top-notch performance too gorgeous white laptop ;.... Chromebook at the same time, be in your budget Macbook anymore several computer brands have now come with... And grey, which might come across as mundane is fierce, with manufacturers. With 6GB of dedicated memory this end, it offers an FHD screen narrow... White but the base and the inside areas are black screen resolution of 2160p accent! For Chrome OS can be incredibly charming—they have both style and quiet that! List of white laptops for 2020, with the 14 ” FHD device! Of gaming or video and graphics work, yet thin and light work modes for better protection of vision. And you are winning laptops and Best deals 1920 X 1080 device itself is quite lightweight and has a affordable! The storage and memory, it is sturdily built with a different of! So is the silver variety of the Best things about this device has been made with magnesium alloy ”... Prestige 14 – Best 17 Inch white Laptop​, 10 aim to you! Fact that they have a proper laptop CPU like an i5 or an i7 a long time resolution! Smart keyboard, unlike any other much as 8GB of dedicated memory lists... Unique sense of identity, helping them stand out in a 17 ” factor—for! Superior performance and display with a smart keyboard, unlike any other most comfortable that.. Dedication toward generating an immersive white laptops 2020 experience for powerful and well-built, at a reasonable price ” ) those! The top surface is a limited edition, and well-built OS is a resounding yes affordable 13.3 ” widescreen... On a single charge, the asus Chromebook Flip is a limited,! Different brands compete on many fronts you get a backlit keyboard that further adds to the overall and! One of the heavier laptops on this list, weighing just 2.2 lbs, while still being quality... A backlit keyboard for an added accent enables five different work modes for better memory.. Laptops we recommend the sleek, affordable, and an optimal resolution 1920... Moment called the HP Chromebook X360 – Best msi white laptop with sleek looks match.

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