Answer. On August 27, 1999, Apple ditched the rainbow logo it used since 1977 with a single-color version. Here's how the Apple logo evolved. Sure, maybe there are 50 other coffee shops in your city, but yours is the only one that’s committed to sustainability, and your green, earthy logo drives that message home. Dare to be different with your logo, because your company logo tells consumers why your business is unique. More than often, logos have a story behind it and today, we will discuss the Apple logo, one of the most famous logos in the world, as we answer a specific question... Why is there a bite out of the apple? ) Wiki User Answered . When looking at famous logos, you may wonder, where did that come from? Apart from having an appealing design, the Apple logo design also has a fascinating history. Apple likes their symbol so much that they’re very protective of it, and they don’t like when other people attempt to use apples in their logos. Where did they get the idea, inspiration? Why did apple chose the apple as their logo? The first Apple logo was designed by Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne in 1976, featuring Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. In its place was a new logo that did away with the colorful stripes and replaced it with a more modern monochromatic look that has taken on a variety of sizes and colors over the past few years. It was inspired by a quotation by Wordsworth that was also inscribed into the logo that said: “Newton… a mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought” with ‘Apple Computer Co.’ on a ribbon banner ornamenting the picture frame. Monochrome Apple Logo: 1998 – Present The current apple logo, the one everyone today knows, wasn’t made simply because Steve Jobs is always looking to change things. Part of its history is associated with its name that is coincidentally similar to another company by the name of Apple Records which is owned by the Beatles, the famous rock band of the 60s and 70s. When Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, the company was bleeding money, and Jobs realized that the Apple logo could be leveraged to their … The multi-colored Apple logo was in use for 22 years before it was axed by Steve Jobs less than a year after his return to Apple in 1997. 2012-11-25 12:44:37 2012-11-25 12:44:37. 0 1 2. Two examples of Apple logo trademark disputes are Apple versus New York City’s ‘GreeNYC’ logo and Apple versus Woolworths’ ‘apple-y’ logo. Asked by Wiki User. Why has it changed so much over the years? Top Answer.

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