1. When you start a computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows 7 for the first time, one or more of the following icons do not appear in the notification area in … Some System Icons (e.g. Notification Area Icons Disappeared, Greyed Out or Missing in Windows 7 (1 post) Started 8 years ago by fryerlawrence; Topic Viewed 2353 times Clock, Volume, Network, Power, Action Center) may disappear from the Notification Area. >>> Click Here To Get Windows 7 The Best Price <<< Fix Missing System Icons . First, click Start, type icons, and then click Notification Area Icons.. 2. I was needing some help, please. 4. Under the Taskbar tab, in the Notification area section click on the "Customize" button. The date in CMOS is wrong so the cached icons aren't in date and the frozen icons are far enough out of date that they need to be refreshed - if you freeze the machine before the whole system has a chance to start up and refresh the icons then they'll go out of date. My notification icons that do not appear at startup. So follow these additional steps: Open the Control Panel "Taskbar and Start Menu." Then if you are using Windows 7 you need to be sure the icons settings are set to ON. The reason that you're losing icons when the battery on CMOS dies and when you freeze PCs is because the icons have a cached "life". Missing Notification Area Icons in Windows 7 Posted in Techy Articles by Oldie on February 26, 2013 Almost after every other system boot (Windows 7 on my Dell laptop), some notification area icons tend to disappear (while the corresponding processes/services are running issue-free). Find the icons for Power and Volume, then make sure both are set to Show icon and notifications.. 3. Network connection icon disappears from the notification area on the lower right corner of the taskbar in Windows 7. Click on the little triangle next to the Notification area and select ‘Customize’ to open the Notification Area Icons window. Notification Area Icons Missing at Startup - posted in Windows 7: Hello.

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