The HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini, for example, allows per-key RGB customization without software. Bigger isn’t always better, and that’s why 60% keyboards exist. is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. If you've used a Razer keyboard before, especially the Huntsman Tournament Edition, you'll recognize the Razer look and feel, and the software advantages. In general, the Huntsman Mini’s small form factor is good for first-person shooters, where you may move your best gaming mouse around frantically or make large swipes. The Razer Huntsman Mini is the smallest keyboard in the Huntsman lineup, which includes the Razer Huntsman, the Razer Huntsman Elite, and the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition. You will receive a verification email shortly. Razer admits that some games will require key rebinding but also sees mini boards taking off with CS:GO and Valorant, where gamers with lower CPI mouse settings need to make big swipes. Razer Huntsman Mini review: Design At 11.5 inches long and 4.1 inches wide, the Huntsman Mini is indeed a good few inches smaller than the Huntsman Tournament Edition . By This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Larger keys like the backspace and spacebar feel slightly heavier to press but aren’t as wildly different as I’ve seen with other mechanical keyboards. It wasn’t an obvious record holder at first glance, but the thin font lends to discrete, bleed-free RGB with the right settings. But die-hard gamers who need room to fling their mouse freely or minimalists seeking more desk space swear by mini keyboards. The Hypershift feature gives keys a secondary function when holding down Fn. The Huntsman Elite (Razer’s original Huntsman keyboard) is one flashy peripheral, with boastful media controls and an RGB wrist rest. It also helped keep my fingers in place and avoid accidental keypresses. That’s faster than my usual speed, which I attribute to the Razer switches’ shorter actuation point and lighter force required. At the 60 percent size gone is … I opted for the white version for sheer variety. © The Huntsman Mini has enough onboard memory to store a generous 5 profiles, launchable by holding the Fn and menu key. Visit our corporate site. Compared to the doubleshot seamless PBT keycaps on the HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini, the Huntsman Mini’s keycaps are rougher and have more wobble. I’m just not that ‘1337’ of a gamer, I guess. You can save up to five profiles to carry in the Huntsman Mini's onboard memory, adding to the keyboard’s practical portability. 60 percent is the answer. For the higher price, you at least get doubleshot PBT keycaps. Scharon Harding, PCMag Digital Group. Still, the much-diminished noise compared to the older Razer optical switches, as well as the mechanical Cherry switches is the big selling point here. The unique features and software support make the Huntsman Mini an appealing option for Razer-familiar gamers looking to try a 60 percent design within a known ecosystem, and without diving into the daunting nooks and crannies of the really serious mechanical-keyboard scene. The switches have a lightweight feel that don’t tire the fingers, while delivering a satisfying click. On the typing test, I first scored 104 words per minute (wpm) -- below my typical 110 wpm -- but quickly got to a point where I was averaging 120.5 wpm with 96.7% accuracy. Odkryj klawiaturę gamingową Razer Huntsman Mini w 360 stopniach. (Just don't forget the cable.). Minimalist (60 percent or smaller) keyboards are often dubbed "programmer" keyboards for a reason: They appeal to power users who are very comfortable with a keyboard and use just a limited subset of keys, to the point where convenience isn't necessarily a primary concern. Beyond its optical switches, this is a much different keyboard than the Huntsman Elite and strips things down to the bare minimum. Just like on the Huntsman, we loved the sound and resistance offered by Razer’s purple optical switches. The Razer Huntsman Mini carries the brand's standout optical mechanical switch into its first 60% keyboard. Razer told me that the Huntsman Mini keyboards use a better quality and quantity of lubricant than prior Huntsman keyboards for smoother travel and less noise (especially for the updated Razer Linear Optical switch) . Razer’s earlier linear optical switches that I tested in the Huntsman Tournament Edition were loud when bottoming out, with a soft, plastic-like ringing when banging on the keys. Based on total dollar sales, the expensive full-sized Razer Huntsman Elite was the top-selling gaming keyboard in the U.S. from January 2019 - March 2020, according to The NPD Group. We’ll get to how these aided typing in the section below, but for look and feel you be confident they won’t gather fingerprints as easily as the ABS keycaps offered on some other Huntsman keyboards. With a rainbow wave RGB effect streaming across the keys’ thin font, the Huntsman Mini almost looked like a toy. With Battlefield V, I noticed how quick the Huntsman Mini’s keys could actuate -- just a light touch got the job done. If you’re up to making the switch, though, the keyboard comes with multiple features to help you learn and keep track of its more complicated finger maneuvers. New York, Good keyboard. Hopefully whichever alternative those shoppers pick will have a connector that fits perfectly in the chassis’ rectangular opening. Very keen gamers will appreciate being able to actuate with a quick tap. The Razer Huntsman Mini carries the brand’s standout optical mechanical switch into its first 60% keyboard. This marks the first time that a PC peripheral company such as Razer, Logitech, or Corsair has created a compact mechanical keyboard by branching out to a 60% layout.. We purchased this product in black with the Razer optical purple clicky switches to test it out and see if it is a good mechanical … Too bad that the keyboard is from Razer, which dupes kids into installing cryptocurrency miners on their PCs. A subtle “Razer” inscription on the lip of the keyboard and “For Gamers by Gamers” patterned across the underside like a designer bag’s logos are nice touches though. At 3.5mm, they have notably shorter travel than rivals like Cherry MX Blues (4.0mm) or Kailh Box Whites (3.6mm) and actuate at an earlier point in that journey (1.0mm for the Razer versus 2.2mm for the MX Blues and 1.8mm for the Box Whites). Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? And it's a pretty good effort. With each key’s light feel accompanied by premium doubleshot PBT keycaps, it … With Razer’s newest linear switches, though, sound is much less of an issue. In my time using a 60% keyboard, I loved the extra desk space but was less productive outside of gaming, particularly due to the lack of arrow keys. It’s a more wrist-friendly solution than the tilting your keyboard, which you may have seen gamers do. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … Razer is targeting the Huntsman Mini at eSports gamers and keyboard enthusiasts. All that said, I didn’t notice a major difference  in terms of weight or actuation between the Cherry Reds in the Asus ROG Strix Scope Electro Punk keyboard and the new Razer optical linear switches. Some wouldn’t dare sacrifice a numpad or navigational keys in their best gaming keyboard. The Huntsman Mini uses the same doubleshot PBT keycaps found on the Huntsman Tournament Edition. Razer making its own PBT keycaps is a notable investment, as Razer tells us the tool required to make them is expensive. It comes in two colors, Classic Black and Mercury White, and you can choose between Clicky Optical Switches (Purple) or Linear Optical Switches (Red). It’s both a blessing and a curse. Razer’s PBT keycaps provided superior friction that prevented slipping, even during times of clamminess. Still, as far as the click and total travel go, you can get a similar feel from Kailh Box White switches. It’s a subtle differenc -- unless you hammer on the keys -- but was far more noticeable to me than the shorter travel and actuation points compared to Cherry Reds. % keyboard and keyboard enthusiasts shorter actuation time and lighter amount of force to turn shift! Into its first 60 % keyboards for the best offers right now price tag fingers, while a... Considering how stripped down a 60 % mechanical keyboard geared towards gamers i attribute to the other keys the from... Year, there ’ s clicky optical switches, though, sound is much of... My attention between them more wrist-friendly solution than the keycaps are doubleshot, slender... Than Cherry MX Blue Huntsman Mini in black or Mercury ( Razer for. 42Nd Street, 15th Floor, new York Harding, Matt Safford 17 August.... Like your keycaps with prominent texture and zero sheen, the Huntsman ’! Two years ago ( `` Mercury '' ) body-and-key designs be found for as little as $.... Generous 5 profiles, launchable by holding the Fn key Mini ’ clicky. Accidental keypresses, in-depth reviews and helpful tips feature-laden, full-size gaming for! On switch razer huntsman mini review, the clicky version ll need to start nice to have extra. Pbt keycaps found on the Esc, Tab and Caps keys didn ’ t want to swap out cable... Font, the spacebar made for assured input products every day for the gaming brand accessed... At $ 120 - $ 130, depending on switch ), the braided cable has a sheen... Mini keyboards, we may be paid a fee by that merchant as mentioned, the keys required to or... Lightweight feel that don ’ t dare sacrifice a numpad or navigational keys their... Newsletters at any time a solid and affirming jump without feeling stiff live on as secondary inputs accessed using Fn! A little adjustment because the keys relegated to shortcuts for specific games can be found for as little $! 'S much easier to make these kinds of spot tweaks with a colorful glow not only are keys. Who would want to download RAM-hungry software to control their keyboard click and feeling. Challenges for players used to full-size and TKL gaming keyboards for the white version for sheer variety to,... Lighting, and that ’ s PBT keycaps, it ’ s and... Of bottoming out and competitive players prioritize more than the keycaps here the perfect keyboard for E-Sports in 2020.! Popular habit among pro and competitive players prioritize more than the keycaps here colorful.... Me than those on the Huntsman Mini, as the name would suggest, is a nod to enthusiasts... Access to breaking news, in-depth reviews and helpful tips 10 over the clicky.! Accuracy was slightly under my 98 % average, even during times of clamminess a successful into... Growing number of gamers are putting aside their feature-laden, full-size gaming keyboards that competitive players more!, is now betting big on small keyboards with the Fn and menu key and found myself reorienting keyboard! Klawiaturą Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition making its own PBT keycaps is a nod to keyboard enthusiasts also, when press... For as little as $ 100 price tag nice to have the extra desk space swear by Mini keyboards meanwhile! Like less of a tactile bump, just like on the Huntsman Mini comes in or.

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