Add to Cart. ... (Yellow Base) $120.00. We Offer Wide Variety Of High Quality Discus Fish for Sale, Reasonable Prices & Fast Shipping Welcome to Our Discus and Freshwater Stingrays Store FREE next-day shipping for domestic orders over $499! Size: Medium is around 3 - 3.5 inches. 4" -4.5" Yellow White Discus Fish for Sale! They are one of the most eye-catching Discus strains. 6-6.5" Red Turquoise . Naturally, they thrive in schools. This is one vibrantly colored Discus. not rated $ 109.00 Select options Add to Cart. Save 50%. Yellow Pigeon Discus. Save 49%. This is a beautiful discus and the yellow/gold body contrasts well with it's white face. On Sale! Add to Cart. Large is around 4 - 4.5 inches. ... More Perfect Tank Mate Choices for Your Discus Fish. Discus fish are highly sociable animals. 3 in stock Add to Cart. The Albino Millennium Gold is a yellow/gold based discus with a light yellow face. On Sale! This is a beautiful discus and the gold body contrasts well with the light yellow face. Clown Loach 7.5cm / 3" (16pcs) $280.94 $140.47. The photos are tank pics of the actual discus fish on hand. Also known as the Yellow Checkerboard Discus.

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