It was inspired by two of my favorite dishes that I get for takeout from my local neighborhood Sichuan restaurant, and it tastes absolutely delicious with some warm steamed white rice! Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. If you make this recipe, leave a comment and review it below with a star rating! When it comes to eating out, my favorite Korean fried chicken comes from a South Korean international chain—Bonchon Chicken, a restaurant with over 100 stores in North America and more across With strong notes of garlic and shallots, this Malaysian-Chinese condiment is as addictive as some of our best sauces: chili oil, XO sauce, and ginger scallion oil. First up is our shopping list for this mouthwatering Yu Xiang Eggplant. You see, the aromatics, sauce, and style of cooking involved are the same for a particular Sichuan style fish dish. Bonus? Then add the red chilies and stir-fry for another minute to combine. Once hot, add the garlic, ginger, and spring onion whites. Cook the pork & add the Chili Bean Paste: Next, add the ground pork and the Dou Ban Jiang on top. By continuing to use this site, you agree to its privacy policy and cookie policy terms. Transfer to a paper towel lined plate and set aside. Learn how your comment data is processed. Cook and stir-fry for 2-3 minutes, breaking the lumps as you go, until the pork is no longer pink and everything is combined. Shanghai is a metropolitan city that offers a wide world of cuisines, but this post focuses only on Shanghai cuisine (a.k.a. Once hot, turn the heat down to medium-high and add the eggplant strips. Planning a trip? Add the dried red chilies and the mushrooms. It should only be used as a general guideline. I compiled a comprehensive list of dishes you need to try to say you really enjoyed Shanghai Cuisine and also included a few restaurant recommendations. Add ginger, garlic, and spicy bean paste to the wok. Below are my all-time favorites that are on the regular rotation! Once hot, add the garlic, ginger, and spring onion whites. Check out the Variations section below for other meat and protein substitutes!) The complete list of easy Chinese recipes, traditional and authentic Chinese recipes and a mix of eclectic foods from all walks of life from TheWoksofLife One of our favourite dishes! Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ★☆ Thicken the sauce: Then give the corn starch slurry a quick stir with a spoon (the corn starch will have settled at the bottom) and pour it into the wok. . That’s fantastic Kim! Heat the remainder peanut oil, sesame oil, and chili oil (if using). First.. Now that we’ve got everything prepped and good to go, we can make the Yu Xiang Eggplant stir-fry and have dinner on the table in just a few minutes! . The nutritional information provided is approximate and can vary based on several factors. And you know what guys? Combine everything and toss: Add the dried red chilies and the mushrooms. It’s also a wonderful Sichuan dinner treat, great for busy weeknights, and can easily be made at home. , Let’s jump in and make this tasty Yu Xiang Eggplant stir-fry! Proving that there’s a wide variation to the approach for every classic dish—and that not every chef in Chengdu is genius—when I was last in Sichuan I had a plate of yu xiang qie zi that was too sweet to eat. Jun 15, 2020 - A recipe for yu xiang qie zi (yu xiang eggplant), from my collection of rare Sichuan cookbooks. Stir-fry for a minute or two, or until the sauce has thickened. Most recipes I’ve seen for yu xiang eggplant use the chili bean paste. “鱼香” actually means Fish-Fragrant, is a kind of flavor which is quite famous in Sichuan dishes. Tag @thatspicychick on Instagram and hashtag it #thatspicychick. Alright! Stir-fry for a minute until fragrant. The four of us document all our travels here, along with helpful tips, links, itineraries, travel tales, and of course, photos. Toss briefly to combine, then add the eggplant strips and pour the sauce you made earlier over everything. ★☆. Take a photo and be sure to tag it with @thatspicychick on Instagram and hashtag it #thatspicychick so I can see! Some menu may refer this dish to Eggplants in Chinese hot garlic sauce. Start your Chinese cooking journey! For more information, please see our Disclosure. Certainly enough times to know that a good fried rice can be hard to come by, and even harder to make at home without the right technique. Add spring onion greens: Add the spring onion greens and stir-fry briefly for 10 seconds to combine, then switch off the heat. In fact, Chili Garlic Eggplant is what it is commonly called on Chinese restaurant menus in the States and elsewhere because people are more likely to order it than something that has “fish-fragrant” in the title of an eggplant dish! “I am proud to say that your genealogy has been the sole tutorial for my Asian-inspired culinary adventures for years; probably since you began. ★☆ Browse All . This Yu Xiang Qie Zi (Fish-Fragrant Eggplant when literally translated) is a Sichuan style chili garlic eggplant dish.Eggplant strips are pan-fried until tender, then stir-fried with aromatics, ground pork, and tender cloud ear mushrooms in a mouthwatering spicy, sweet, and sour sauce! Heat oil in a wok on low heat. It may just join the ranks of your must-have Besides Sichuan eggplant, there is the famous Yu Xiang Rou Si (鱼香肉丝 or fish-fragrant shredded pork). …. Stir fry until red oil separates from the paste (~15-20 seconds). Toss briefly to combine, then add the eggplant strips and pour the sauce you made earlier over everything. It’s lightened-up a bit because I pan-fry the eggplant strips first instead of deep fry them like they traditionally do to make this dish. It simply got its name from the style it’s cooked in. Stir-fried Pork Sukiyaki in Black Pepper Sauce, Quick & Easy Chicken, Bacon, and Cabbage Stir-Fry, Dark and White Chocolate Bark with Mixed Fruits & Nuts, Steamed white rice (You can use white rice, brown rice, quinoa, or cauliflower rice if you prefer.).

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