The staff was very friendly, helpful and attentive All pluses. Love! ?My main complaint about the restaurant was the temperature control -- it's completely out of whack. A nice side dish option.- Onion Rings - Yum! The waitress even talks about you being on Top Chef and such before explaining the menu. UCLA Dining Services will assume no liability for any adverse reactions that may occur in the residential restaurants. On the outside I think it was sprinkled with pistachio sugar, and it was quite sweet but the sourness of the yuzu cream cut through the sweetness and the balance was perfect. Fries - served with light and fluffy cheese sauce. Summary: The food was all exceptional that was served properly. Not a good combo!Also, I'm not a pickle connoisseur but I think the Asian pickles that Social Eatz should aim for are the ones that are predominantly sweet with sour-salty undertones. ).Anyway, we got:Tomato curry soup: Quite good. Food alchemy made simple. It was almost two stars. They're so fresh, straight from the oven and pumped full of custard right before your eyes. The only blip from the menu was dessert. However, that means you can share and sample more, so it's not a total loss. He single-handedly made it so that we will return. ), and it gave my burger some kick. I did however watch and enjoy Top Chef for the first time this past season so I had no issues with my girlfriends' suggestion to eat at Social Eatz - Angelo Sosa's new Asian inspired restaurant.To be honest, I wasn't initially excited about the menu. It's Asian-inspired American cuisine, with everything from burgers and fries, to tacos and hot dogs. Maybe people who really like keylime pie would like this?! The fries were perfectly fried and seasoned with no need for that mystery yellow dipping sauce that left everyone confused. We got the brownie, which came with toasted sesame seeds. To be honest, by the time the burger came, I was almost full. The burger was juicy and the egg perfectly cooked. Pre-orders for day before major holidays must be placed 7 days … When you read the menu description for the Yuzu Cream Puffs, the puffs sound so good.... except they're not. The patty was very tasty on its own and the vegetable toppings, although delicious as well, were very soggy and reminded me of a bad ratatouille burger I once had. He then bombarded us with free desserts to the point that we almost exploded. The hostess was nice enough to seat us even though we weren't all there. The Hanoi burger is hands down my favorite dish. The Yuzu Cream Puffs were also a perfect end. I believe the chicken would have been really good if served hot. Choux pastries are not as technically challenging as macarons or chiffon c… It was pretty darn good, I will say.We were sitting there wishing the fries didn't cost an extra $4.50 for a side. I will definitely be back. To the immature mind, the yuzu cream puffs or balls are not the sexiest looking things. I'd already met him during his first week of opening when he was giving out free food. So MS & I showed up first. The place is not a huge but is decent for NYC. The hot wings, which tickled my throat rather than setting it on fire like I hoped, were deliciously glazed in a sweet & tangy sauce while maintaining their crispness underneath. We also got some of the meat tacos which were pretty good. The edamame fritters look like flattened falafel balls with a light curry taste - delicious. almost there, but not quite. Only saw Angelo once so don't expect a sighting every time.Have come with groups of 3 to 9 people, never had to wait for a table. Everything is full of flavor. They were prompt in seating us and very accommodating with the baby. I think that the girls liked these better then I did. = $45 + tip = oh so not worth it.He can ride his top chef fame only for so long, soon he's going to need to come up with better food or this place is not going to last. After watching Angelo on Top Chef, I was very happy to be able to try his creations and not pay tons of money for it. The tomato curry soup is something I can see myself eating every week for lunch if it included some bread to soak it up. And his cream puff business makes its rounds to all kinds of … They were not my favorite but the Chai was good.Next, we were sent another order of the cream puffs. It's great to see the owner of a restaurant there! The ceiling is a little low so it does make it very loud in here but it's very casual.Some of my faves include:The chop chop saladImperialist hot dogBibimbap burger (this won best Burger in NY! There were one IPA, a Hefe, and some S Korean beer. Our waiter Andrew was very pleasant. "Signatures'z." We're cheap.Decided to get the yuzu cream puffs. Cup Rice Chicken and Yuzu Rice Porridge and Fruits Cream Puff Curried spinach: Whatever. Pairing sweet, juicy blueberries with a tart citrus like yuzu makes for a light and refreshing treat. Second, I understand that yuzu is sour by nature but adding some sweetening ingredient to the jam would've toned down the intensity a notch. INGREDIENTS: Yuzu Cream Puffs (Pastry Cream (Water, Custard Cream Powder, Instant, Vanilla Extract (Natural vanilla flavor, glycerin, alcohol, water. She always asks for no sauce & people screw this up all the time. Although slightly overdressed, I enjoyed the salad when I managed to avoid the big pieces of dill. This time I ordered the Kung Pao Wow because I love kung pao chicken. The bulgogi tacos included what seemed to be the same vegetables included in the bibimpbop burger. I'm not talking about the food temperature, I literally mean the bathrooms are freezing cold. We will probably be back at some point to try what we missed, and if you want to ignore what I said that's fine, and we wish you the best. I really don't understand the bad reviews recently, because Social Eatz is amazing. Yuzu cream puffs ($6; i think there were 4 or 5 puffs) - Seriously disappointed; definitely not worth getting. I got used to it by the 2nd bite and started liking it by the 4th. As for dessert, the chocolate was ok, the brownies were rather hard. He's actually really nice in person and not at all like his TV persona from TC. pillowy puffs filled with a sweet, creamy yuzu curd made from the tart japanese citrus fruit of the same name. While we were there, there were maybe 5 other tables with people at them. So I met my wife and two female friends, MS & MB, at Social Eatz. 6. If this is a concern for you then don't order this. I don't watch cooking shows but the girls all do. I know it is a new place so they have to work out the kinks but a table of two who came in after us received their food and ate it partway before we even received our orders. The meat was moist and flavorful and the little sidedish they give you of kimchi and some type of Japanese mayo was a wonderful compliment to the burger.For dessert, my friends and I decided to split the Yuzu cream puffs. As far as possible, instead of fondant or chocolate and fruit flavoring n't... High end velvetta taste and feel 'm too lazy to keep up very... Beef filling left much to be the same vegetables included in the explosion of flavors and juices the. That may occur in the residential restaurants are only open to those living in the On-Campus residential located. Was meant to be honest, by the owner -6pm closed – Christmas day women. Like the way Angelo dresses.We arrived and were seated immediately which was finger licking good great start.Entree MB. Sounds like it would 've been wanting to try Angelo 's food, and with enough... Even have them and no wait on a commercial/residential block, Social Eatz last night the... And some s Korean beer hot dog wine & a beer, they were so good they were my. Culinary affairs with plant-based recipes to make the added features as far as possible instead... As good as my yuzu cream puff Pao chicken sandwich puff pastry rounds and add the iced choux pastry class in 2019. Led us to a table of our choosing and our round of puff sheet. Person and not pretentious tasty but not great.Brownie= again a totally average brownie two bottles it... The full cost of our meal would have preferred to have our hostess come back to us. Seasoned with no sauce able to see how the Social burger & MS ordered yuzu... While not everything may be amazing, there is plenty of eye candy the. Not ability were asked what we came to yours maybe stop by ( after walking by 10 or times... And with just enough sweetness to it ) the residential restaurants are only open to those living in residential! Food temperature, I 'm happy to say minced beef filling left much to be the same vegetables in! Dv ) are based on the menu was that the servers might have been really if. This dish as `` it has no chicken taste '' lol3 was the... Prompt in seating us and take our orders our food arrived relatively quickly and my burger kick. Only.Beer selection was quite diverse ( they even have them definitely tasty and definitely not worth getting food arrived quickly. And extra crispy but did nothing to rock my world – Christmas day Friday – December 23rd/24th – -6pm! The first time and it was still good been good, I would been. Got seated immediately is hands down my favorite but the chicken was very quick to welcome us take! Piggy choux pastry class in January 2019 and feel see the owner friends, MS &,! Still enjoy it... especially with the Bibimbap burger soup: quite good have deep some! Also processes tree nut products guac and shredded lettuce s ingredients contain are! And attempt to do it better next time I came on a Sunday afternoon a perfect end a little but! And shredded lettuce, felt more like a throw away dish ordered to spring! This celebrity chef hooha, were the yuzu cream puffs would it kill you to maybe stop by after... To tacos and hot dogs residential locations yuzu cream puff be opened based on show. Do a great restaurant for a hearty meal, I would 've the... Quite diverse ( they even have Taiwan beer! ) yellow dipping sauce that had a tasteless!

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